January 13, 2008

Birthday Party

Oh my goodness, Lilly's party was so much fun. We got to visit with family and friends. Lilly mastered how to tell everyone that she was 2 but had a little stage fright when it came time to blowing out the candles. Notice the beautiful cake, yeah it was a last minute thing. I had this great idea that I would make her a cookie cake just like they do at the mall. Not so easy! But it worked out because I had to go to the store anyway I forgot ice cream. How do you have a party without ice cream? Last note before the pics. after opening each present she very loudly said "WOW" it was just precious.


keri said...

I'm still convinced you taught her to say that so we would think she liked our present!

velvet said...

Can you believe she's 2?! How precious.

By the way, can't call Scott #5. He started calling me #2. That's just not gonna work!!!

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