February 06, 2008

My Goodness Lilly is 2!

I swear my vocabulary has shrunk! The only things that I say now is, "Lilly No" or "Lilly stop it!" or the infamous... "Lilly quit hitting your sister!" My oh my has the terrible twos already began? I thought that I might have been blessed to skip this phase since God so graciously gave me two beautiful girls back to back. Or so atleast I had hoped it would be that way. In the last month I have watched closely for 2 possible concussions, several bloody lips and more that I can count pee puddles in the carpet. You maybe asking where is Caitlin while all of this is happening, to be honest half the time I don't really know. She is starting to speed crawl and I can't keep up with her while fighting with Lilly. My thought on that is atleast she isn't climbing yet so there is only so far that she can go. Sad I know. I am so looking forward to kindegarten only 3 more years to go.

Natalie is coping with her expander. The first few days she was very hard to understand and for the most part on a liquid diet. By the time school started on Monday she was fine. I have to keep reminding her that she will be glad later that we did this. She will have beautiful straight teeth that actually fit in her mouth. Right now she has this gap that keeps getting bigger she asked me last night if he will fix it. I just had to tell her about Sarah's expander so many years ago I only wish that I had pictures.

I just got the "I tee tee" comment from Lilly... and it is not in the potty!

We are still looking for the perfect used vehicle that will fit our "softball team". I think that we have both agreed upon a Yukon XL. It is huge! But I did like the way that it drove and we all have plenty of room. No one has to touch another if they don't want to!

There will be pictures of Natalie soon.


keri said...

Slow down Girl!! Is that possible? Can't wait to see the Yukon.

jembrey3 said...

Can't get over how much Lilly looks like Grandma Barbara.
-From: Cousin Jeff and Amanda

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