March 06, 2008

# 1 use for a storage bin...

So I was in desperate need to get the dishes done; they were overflowing the double sink and well onto the counter tops on either side, not to mention the ones that were still on the dinner table. My lovely baby girls love to "help" me. The babies help is not the kind that actually helps just makes things worse. If it wasn't such a big task I would say what the heck help all you want, but this is the way that I found they could entertain themselves while I got some work done.


keri said...

i just now got around to watching the video, it was great. very creative!

velvet said...

I was at your blog last week, but didn't realize that was a video. So cute!

How about a picture of the double sink overflowing with dishes. I would like to feel normal :)

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