March 03, 2008

God is Great, sometimes just in the 'nic of time!

Ok as many of you know we have been in a real pickle when it came to our vehicle issues. 4 years ago before the last 2 kiddos we leased my car. Great for us at that time, but here we are at the end of those four years with 3 kids squeezed into the back seat of an Altima. Have I mentioned too that we hit a really hard time between Lilly and Caitlin with almost 6 mos. of no income so our credit stinks! Anyways we have been praying hard and consistently that God would do his will. We had to give over all control. We are at the last 2 weeks of the lease and the first vehicle that we looked at sat on the lot for almost forever and they dropped the price we got sooo excited. We finally got everything in order and went to purchase it and guess what... they sold it. CRAZY people didn't they know eventually we would be back? So we start over, ugh! We searched the Internet far and wide and we found it. It was perfect except for the syringe that was sitting in the dash, but they sold that one while we were working out the financing. So now what? Needless to say I was a little put out with the whole car shopping thing and I love to shop. After dinner Friday night I just put the idea that maybe we should stop at this little dealership on the way home. Wincing thinking Joe was not going to go for it, we had the 2 babies and it was getting late and Saturday would've just been easier, but he says, "ok!" So to make a long story short we got the car. It is so nice I am impressed and God worked in amazing ways. First of all on a used car we got it $4000 off asking price, second we got financed with a payment we can actually afford, third the insurance is only an $8 increase and fourth we did not have to drive the altima past the lease date we are getting to drop it off tonight. So here it is.

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