March 01, 2008

Growing up is so hard to do.

I did finally get some pictures of Natalie. These are from her Valentine's Day party at school. Oh how I love those parties! Natalie is really growing up, I find myself just in tears as I realize that she starts the 5th grade next fall. My baby is not a baby anymore. As we are doing our "Spring/Summer" shopping with Memaw she starts getting so excited about this Jonas Brothers t-shirt. She has started having the crushes on the boy bands! All I could think of was New Kids on The Block. Kevin is her favorite. One of the fun things about her getting older is she actually likes to talk to me about boys, shopping, you know the girl stuff.
Of course as I type this about Natalie being girly and growing up I am currently being covered in Sesame Street stick on earrings. Melmo is the house favorite, although I am a little partial to Oscar and Cookie Monster. Thank goodness for DVR, it gets us through many days! I think we watch Memlo 4 or 5 times a day. Atleast we are fading out of The Wiggles. Beyond the stick on earrings that she thinks are just fun little stickers Lilly is all tomboy! This week at our playdate that out of 7 kids only has 3 girls Lilly was by far the dirtiest! (Mandy I need those pics.) She started out so pretty with a ponytail and her pink fleece suit that she got for Christmas by 1:00 she was covered in mulch pieces from head to toe and the sleeves to her shirt was soaked from dunking grill tools into a bucket of the "funnest" water ever. I have no idea what happened to the pony tail holder or the Barbie that she came with. Poor Barbie she would have drowned if Lilly remembere she had her. Caitlin just sat there and ate rocks watching her big sister have the best time of her life. Thank you for playdates! She is looking through the fence at our backyard neighbors dog that wouldn't stop barking the whole time we were out there.

Ok now the car update..... we'll see. That's it. God is in control, I just have to remind myself of that daily.

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