March 28, 2008

Money quotes for normal families.

So today while I was spending all my time on the internet. (Joe made that comment about me staying home.... we all know the truth.) I found this quote in an article about what watching TV can teach us about money.

"Yes, money has been a little bit tight lately. But, at the end of my life, when I'm sitting on my yacht, am I going to be thinking about how much money I have? No. I'm going to be thinking about how many friends I have. And my children. And my comedy albums. I mean, I have a yacht, so I obviously did pretty well, money-wise." -- Michael Scott

I love it! As gas, groceries, utilities, etc. rise this is the truth. We need to remember that we are still young and are raising young children too. I remind myself of this often. Here is another classic.

Cliff: So how much do you expect to make a week for "regular people"?

Theo: $250.

Cliff: (pointing to the bed) Sit down. I will give you $300 a week. $1,200 a month. (Cliff hands the money to Theo)

Theo: I'll take it!

Cliff: And I will take $350 for taxes.

Theo: Whoa!

Cliff: Oh, yeah. See, the government goes for the regular people first. So, how much does that leave you with?

Theo: $850.

Cliff: OK, now you'll need an apartment because you are NOT living here. Now an apartment in Manhattan will run you at least $400 a month. (Cliff takes $400)

Theo: I'll live in New Jersey. (Theo takes back $200)

Cliff: Now you'll need a car. (Cliff takes $300)

Theo: I'll drive a motorbike. (Theo takes back $100)

Cliff: You're gonna need a helmet. (Cliff takes $50) Now figure $100 a month for clothes and shoes.

Theo: Figure $200. I wanna look GOOD.

Cliff: So, how much does that leave you with?

Theo: $200. So, no problem.

Cliff: There IS a problem! You haven't EATEN yet! (Cliff takes $100)

Theo: I can get by on bologna and cereal. (Theo takes back his $100) So I've got everything under control PLUS $200 left for the month

Cliff: You plan to have a girlfriend?

Theo: For sure.

(Cliff takes the remaining $200)
Cliff: (pointing at Theo's empty hand): Regular people.

That was a good show.

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