April 26, 2008

Granbury last post

OK I know enough about that weekend already. But this truly will be the last post about that unforgettable weekend. Most of you know that we are potty training Lilly. She has really caught on. The last few accidents that we have had have she has not been at fault. Sometimes the rest room is not only 200 yards away as told or I just flat forget to remind her. Now on the trip from Houston to Dallas and back if you travel I45 there is NOTHING. There is maybe a gas station every 200 miles and the rest stops are non existent. This is any parents nightmare if you are potty training a 2 year old. About 30 minutes outside of Ennis Lilly decides to start screaming, "OUCH!" Since I am driving Joe decides to climb into the back seat to see what is wrong. That was a sight to see, my 270 lb hubby climbing over the console to squeeze between the bucket seats in the back. He searches and searches there is nothing poking, stabbing, pinching or burning her. So he climbs back into the front seat. She starts again. So the smart mommy that I am I mention that I think she might need to potty, you know poopey. Thankfully we see a rest stop. God is on our side. We pull off and there is not a potty. I have tried the whole pee on the side of the road with Lilly before and you can forget it. She ain't participating in that. But wait we just came from a trip and I remember to pack the Elmo potty. After unpacking the whole back of the Tahoe I found it. Quickly you never know how much time you have. She is still screaming ouch by the way. Whew we made it. So hear is what any proud momma would do; you grab for your camera and snap away. So that is it, our whole trip to Granbury and back.


April 23, 2008

Windmill Farm

1. Our cabin the Windjammer
2. View from our cabin
3. The murphey bed
4. Caitlin and Memaw on the porch
5. Lilly and Daddy looking for the "cows"
6. Notice the hot pink sandles, elmo panties and the shirt says "Blondes do have more fun"
7. Lilly in a tree
8. Lilly in the Bluebonnets
9. Joe stuck in the rocking chair
10. Barn/Fixit shop
11. Taking a walk
12. Sunset from porch

Groggy Dawg part deaux

The next morning, Saturday, we were walking the Windmill Farm and the owner came to visit with us. She asked politely where we went for dinner last night. With a little chuckle I stated the Groggy Dawg. (You have to pretend you are Randy Jackson when you say dawg.) All she could say was, "Oh." Of course my immediate thought was if you don't recommend it the don't put it in your recommendation book. Huh! So the day progresses, today is the day that my cousin Janna marries Superman, he does look like him. Everything goes well, the fam is hanging out while they take pictures. That always takes way too long, but they take 1000's of them. As we are standing around someone mentions that Janna has decided that after the reception we should have both families meet for fun, food and drinks at no other than where? The Groggy Dawg. OH NO it returns. 8pm rolls around and we all meet. Guess what there is now a party of nearly 50 on this floating deck and yep you guessed it Peggy Sue was our waitress again. I apologize now for not having her picture. You know how it went for a Friday night just imagine Saturday night. Because there were too many of us I can't tell you what all was ordered. But I was told that someone received free nachos because the just appeared and no one claimed them. Mu oh so smart hubby headed for the bar for our tab, so did a few others. Of course Peggy is not the only loose screw in Granbury that visits the Groggy Dawg. There is this guy who came in by boat singing and dancing suggestively with a rope. Thankfully I didn't see him again. Then there was the girl that was having her bachelorette party. She was supposedly collecting signatures and I did witness the table dance, however this is a clean post so I didn't even bother taking that pic. (plus I don't have a censor on my camera) But I have to say the guy that took every girl under 25 without a wedding band, including the bachelorette to see his boat. After about 2 hours of this he had shown every girl there so he moved onto the men. Later Joe told me he must have "little man syndrome" he was very short. Here he is showinging Joe.
After 2 crazy nights at the Groggy Dawg we left it standing. After all they party much harder than we do. So if you are ever in Granbury TX you have to check it out and ask for Peggy Sue, if that is her real name.

April 22, 2008

Holcomb Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Geneology

Holcomb Look-alike Meter

I would have posted the one of Natalie, but I don't have a pic of Adam. I did however try it with Joe and she only came out 4% closer to me. Enjoy.

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April 21, 2008

Groggy Dawg part 1

This past weekend my cousin Janna married Superman, Jason, in a beautiful ceremony. For this ceremony we traveled to the little town of Granbury, TX. More of those details will be in several blogs to come, but this one will take the cake so to speak.

Friday night my family (husband, children 2/3 and in-laws) are unpacking the trucks at our cabin when my sister calls to see about dinner with mom and dad. She looks through the hotel suggested list and we decide that the grill and marina on Lake Granbury with a $5 per pound of crawfish (which none of us ordered) sounded the best.

Maybe 20 minutes later we are out the door to the Groggy Dawg. We are seated in a secluded area, but with the best view of the bridge and lake. We thought we were the best customers or so I did. We got VIP treatment we had their best waitress Peggy Sue! Not sure if that is her real name, but we will call her that. By the time we got there Mom, Dad, Keri and Alex were already there with their drinks and looking at the menu. Now it was our turn to get drinks. Easy enough; 2 bloody mary's, 1 margarita and 1 ice tea. Peggy Sue returned with the correct order. I took one big sip of my tea and felt my teeth rot. Now I realize that I am from the south, but I despise sweet tea. So politely when she returned I asked, " Do you have unsweetened tea?" She left, I was thinking oh good any minute I will have my delicious unsweet tea and all will be well with the world. Only she never brought another glass of tea. So I try again with a slight different approach. This time I just order a Long Island Ice Tea, her response is classic, " I don't know if we have that, I think that comes from the bar." Mind you I ordered it off the menu. Whew, she found it at the bar. Now it is time to order. Now coming from a large city and frankly being spoiled by my in laws and husband on restaurants Groggy Dawg does not have a menu! We all decide on a catfish dinner, they have 2 one with shrimp and one without. There were 3 ordered with and 3 ordered without. Easy enough right? Nope, there were 4 brought out with shrimp and 2 without and set in wrong places. When questioned about the ones with that should have been without she simply said don't worry about it. Then miss Peggy Sue was reminded about the other two that should have had the shrimp. She returns with the correct plates.

During the whole commotion my adorable nephew Alex has now shown Lilly and all the adults one by one the fish. You see there is a hole in the middle of their floating deck/bar that catfish hang out hoping to be fed. This is really quite disturbing. You can purchase a cup of fish food and feed them, or simply empty your plate as one man did, and watch them attack each other for food. Really just disturbing.

For the most part dinner went without another hiccup simply because the waitress did not return. Except one thing, it was now time to pay. Ok again 3 with 3 without 3 waters, 1 kids meal, calamari, 4 bloody mary's 1 margarita 1 SWEET tea and 1 long island ice tea. I know it can be difficult to split that but not really I go do that for you too, but that really would be too long. So Mom and Dad get their check, correct total wrong food. Keri gets hers wrong amount $ and food, compensated with a cash back option from credit card, Tim gets his... ours had all the alcohol and the most food. How is it that is was only $47? Tim the honest man that he is fixed it paid the correct amount and that was the end of the Groggy Dawg...

April 08, 2008

Are you smarter than a 2 year old?

Today was pure "hell"! First of all let me explain by the fact that it all started because I stayed up too late last night trying to figure out how to get this beautiful new background!
Everything was good to start other than I was exhausted. I got all three of the girls dressed and ready for the adventures that were brought our way. We were even early to school for Lilly, that is when it all started! We made it to her class room and then I realized that Caitlin smells awful, Lilly's cup is still in the car and her blanket is sitting at home on top of the washing machine. I then begin to explain that Lilly is potting training for real this time and she has done wonderful since Thursday last week. Seriously the only accidents have been out and I really wasn't paying attention to the time. Anyway Lilly starts the sad face, you know the one where the smile is actually upside down and the eyes are watery. So I let her walk with me to the car to get her cup, BIG MISTAKE! There she is on the sidewalk laying down and pitching a walleyed fit. So I changed Caitlin's diaper and she is still pitching a fit. She thinks she is getting to go home. Nope! Today is my break. So I pick her up on the right hip and Caitlin is on the left hip and somehow we make it through the doors. I couldn't hold her the whole time so now I attempt to make her walk, instead she stands there and pees! You have got to be joking right. We go to her classroom to get her backpack for the "extras", we is Caitlin and I. Lilly is in the foyer crying. By now it is forget it lets go home. Great now she is happy. Except pulling out of the parking lot I then remember we don't have anymore clean panties for Lilly; I took Monday off from laundry duty. So we swing by Target pick up some new panties cause you can never have too many for a 2 year old. She pees in the pantie aisle! I hung up on Joe and bee line to the check out, this is where Caitlin decides she wants to ride the conveyor belt. Of course I got the only cart that didn't have both sides to the seat belt thingy. I got my total of a whopping $11.68 and where is my debit card? It is MIA... I have to write a check. At least I forgot to take it out of my purse last night. I asked the check out girl who now thinks I am a wild crazy woman please tell me it is at least 10am. She responds with the wrong answer, "You are 1/2 way there." Oh and my cell phone is ringing.
We make it home after lots and lots of tears, mostly mine; and everything for the most part became normal. Lilly was still Lilly and Caitlin just turns the TV on and off laughing almost hysterically at it. Natalie came home from school did her homework and went outside. No more accidents, no more tears from me and I actually got to wish Mom a Happy Birthday. Joe is getting burgers as we speak (he took Lilly which is why I am able to type this.)
So to answer the question Am I smarter than a 2 year old? I would have to say... Not today!

April 04, 2008

A dream come true!

At first when I saw that New Kids on The Block was doing a reunion concert I was thinking you have got to be kidding me. The more I thought about it I started to think. Huh a concert that I could possibly attend and know all the words to every song! Picture it...

Me with my big blown dry hair. A neon green and black striped shirt with sewn in vest. Of course a matching skirt. Puffy socks, 2 pair alternating colors on each foot, and white keds! I would look so hot. If you don't believe me just look at my fourth grade pic. I have no shame. So just for fun here is a then and now pic of me and NKOTB! Enjoy.

April 02, 2008

Wednesdays go to the worms.

So far it is not even 10 am and my day has consisted of 3 cups of coffee, 1 trip to the elementary school, 1 trip to wal-mart and so far about 30 minutes of Elmo. When I pulled the tanker into the drive way this morning I stepped out and barely missed the "Daddy" worm. Needless to say my boy, uh I mean middle girl noticed immediately!
I am just glad that I was able to grab the camera fast enough to capture the conversation. I have no idea in toddler talk what was said but it seemed to be a happy time for both. Lilly was laughing and pointing and the worm almost seemed to be dancing. All the while Caitlin has found her way into the front yard and learned that rocks slammed together make a fun noise. They also make for a nice mid-morning snack.
Joe's One year late 30th party was this past Saturday. It was great. I kept this a secret for nearly a month and budgeted so well he didn't even notice the little extras here and there. That morning Natalie had her school carnival and she asked for a Daddy date. Lilly was invited too. 2 hours later I have to whole house decorated the cake should be ready and people are on their way and in walks Joe with Lilly! The look on his face was like... "what the heck, why are there streamers in our foyer?" All that secrecy and planning for him to find out his surprise party was no longer a surprise just 1 hour before! But surprise or not is was a great party. We had hot dogs and Frito pie. There were 3 cakes, one like a hamburger (sorry I didn't get a picture) a cookie cake stating Happy Birthday 30+1 and Cheesecake! Yummy! To top it all off only 10 out of the 20 something people came down with the stomach bug. Again my apologies I swear I cloroxed everything before you came. For the rest of you I promise not to be so eventful for the next party.

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