April 08, 2008

Are you smarter than a 2 year old?

Today was pure "hell"! First of all let me explain by the fact that it all started because I stayed up too late last night trying to figure out how to get this beautiful new background!
Everything was good to start other than I was exhausted. I got all three of the girls dressed and ready for the adventures that were brought our way. We were even early to school for Lilly, that is when it all started! We made it to her class room and then I realized that Caitlin smells awful, Lilly's cup is still in the car and her blanket is sitting at home on top of the washing machine. I then begin to explain that Lilly is potting training for real this time and she has done wonderful since Thursday last week. Seriously the only accidents have been out and I really wasn't paying attention to the time. Anyway Lilly starts the sad face, you know the one where the smile is actually upside down and the eyes are watery. So I let her walk with me to the car to get her cup, BIG MISTAKE! There she is on the sidewalk laying down and pitching a walleyed fit. So I changed Caitlin's diaper and she is still pitching a fit. She thinks she is getting to go home. Nope! Today is my break. So I pick her up on the right hip and Caitlin is on the left hip and somehow we make it through the doors. I couldn't hold her the whole time so now I attempt to make her walk, instead she stands there and pees! You have got to be joking right. We go to her classroom to get her backpack for the "extras", we is Caitlin and I. Lilly is in the foyer crying. By now it is forget it lets go home. Great now she is happy. Except pulling out of the parking lot I then remember we don't have anymore clean panties for Lilly; I took Monday off from laundry duty. So we swing by Target pick up some new panties cause you can never have too many for a 2 year old. She pees in the pantie aisle! I hung up on Joe and bee line to the check out, this is where Caitlin decides she wants to ride the conveyor belt. Of course I got the only cart that didn't have both sides to the seat belt thingy. I got my total of a whopping $11.68 and where is my debit card? It is MIA... I have to write a check. At least I forgot to take it out of my purse last night. I asked the check out girl who now thinks I am a wild crazy woman please tell me it is at least 10am. She responds with the wrong answer, "You are 1/2 way there." Oh and my cell phone is ringing.
We make it home after lots and lots of tears, mostly mine; and everything for the most part became normal. Lilly was still Lilly and Caitlin just turns the TV on and off laughing almost hysterically at it. Natalie came home from school did her homework and went outside. No more accidents, no more tears from me and I actually got to wish Mom a Happy Birthday. Joe is getting burgers as we speak (he took Lilly which is why I am able to type this.)
So to answer the question Am I smarter than a 2 year old? I would have to say... Not today!


Matt and Kelly Summers said...

is this what i have to look forwrad to? too funny

Rebecca said...

you have no idea... but in the end it is all worth it. btw she stayed dry all day yesterday!

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