April 26, 2008

Granbury last post

OK I know enough about that weekend already. But this truly will be the last post about that unforgettable weekend. Most of you know that we are potty training Lilly. She has really caught on. The last few accidents that we have had have she has not been at fault. Sometimes the rest room is not only 200 yards away as told or I just flat forget to remind her. Now on the trip from Houston to Dallas and back if you travel I45 there is NOTHING. There is maybe a gas station every 200 miles and the rest stops are non existent. This is any parents nightmare if you are potty training a 2 year old. About 30 minutes outside of Ennis Lilly decides to start screaming, "OUCH!" Since I am driving Joe decides to climb into the back seat to see what is wrong. That was a sight to see, my 270 lb hubby climbing over the console to squeeze between the bucket seats in the back. He searches and searches there is nothing poking, stabbing, pinching or burning her. So he climbs back into the front seat. She starts again. So the smart mommy that I am I mention that I think she might need to potty, you know poopey. Thankfully we see a rest stop. God is on our side. We pull off and there is not a potty. I have tried the whole pee on the side of the road with Lilly before and you can forget it. She ain't participating in that. But wait we just came from a trip and I remember to pack the Elmo potty. After unpacking the whole back of the Tahoe I found it. Quickly you never know how much time you have. She is still screaming ouch by the way. Whew we made it. So hear is what any proud momma would do; you grab for your camera and snap away. So that is it, our whole trip to Granbury and back.



Derek said...

Yay! The unforgettable weekend story has finally ended! I'm kidding. It's interesting to say the least.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for the comment, do I know you?

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