April 21, 2008

Groggy Dawg part 1

This past weekend my cousin Janna married Superman, Jason, in a beautiful ceremony. For this ceremony we traveled to the little town of Granbury, TX. More of those details will be in several blogs to come, but this one will take the cake so to speak.

Friday night my family (husband, children 2/3 and in-laws) are unpacking the trucks at our cabin when my sister calls to see about dinner with mom and dad. She looks through the hotel suggested list and we decide that the grill and marina on Lake Granbury with a $5 per pound of crawfish (which none of us ordered) sounded the best.

Maybe 20 minutes later we are out the door to the Groggy Dawg. We are seated in a secluded area, but with the best view of the bridge and lake. We thought we were the best customers or so I did. We got VIP treatment we had their best waitress Peggy Sue! Not sure if that is her real name, but we will call her that. By the time we got there Mom, Dad, Keri and Alex were already there with their drinks and looking at the menu. Now it was our turn to get drinks. Easy enough; 2 bloody mary's, 1 margarita and 1 ice tea. Peggy Sue returned with the correct order. I took one big sip of my tea and felt my teeth rot. Now I realize that I am from the south, but I despise sweet tea. So politely when she returned I asked, " Do you have unsweetened tea?" She left, I was thinking oh good any minute I will have my delicious unsweet tea and all will be well with the world. Only she never brought another glass of tea. So I try again with a slight different approach. This time I just order a Long Island Ice Tea, her response is classic, " I don't know if we have that, I think that comes from the bar." Mind you I ordered it off the menu. Whew, she found it at the bar. Now it is time to order. Now coming from a large city and frankly being spoiled by my in laws and husband on restaurants Groggy Dawg does not have a menu! We all decide on a catfish dinner, they have 2 one with shrimp and one without. There were 3 ordered with and 3 ordered without. Easy enough right? Nope, there were 4 brought out with shrimp and 2 without and set in wrong places. When questioned about the ones with that should have been without she simply said don't worry about it. Then miss Peggy Sue was reminded about the other two that should have had the shrimp. She returns with the correct plates.

During the whole commotion my adorable nephew Alex has now shown Lilly and all the adults one by one the fish. You see there is a hole in the middle of their floating deck/bar that catfish hang out hoping to be fed. This is really quite disturbing. You can purchase a cup of fish food and feed them, or simply empty your plate as one man did, and watch them attack each other for food. Really just disturbing.

For the most part dinner went without another hiccup simply because the waitress did not return. Except one thing, it was now time to pay. Ok again 3 with 3 without 3 waters, 1 kids meal, calamari, 4 bloody mary's 1 margarita 1 SWEET tea and 1 long island ice tea. I know it can be difficult to split that but not really I go do that for you too, but that really would be too long. So Mom and Dad get their check, correct total wrong food. Keri gets hers wrong amount $ and food, compensated with a cash back option from credit card, Tim gets his... ours had all the alcohol and the most food. How is it that is was only $47? Tim the honest man that he is fixed it paid the correct amount and that was the end of the Groggy Dawg...

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keri said...

But wasn't it just so much fun!

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