April 23, 2008

Groggy Dawg part deaux

The next morning, Saturday, we were walking the Windmill Farm and the owner came to visit with us. She asked politely where we went for dinner last night. With a little chuckle I stated the Groggy Dawg. (You have to pretend you are Randy Jackson when you say dawg.) All she could say was, "Oh." Of course my immediate thought was if you don't recommend it the don't put it in your recommendation book. Huh! So the day progresses, today is the day that my cousin Janna marries Superman, he does look like him. Everything goes well, the fam is hanging out while they take pictures. That always takes way too long, but they take 1000's of them. As we are standing around someone mentions that Janna has decided that after the reception we should have both families meet for fun, food and drinks at no other than where? The Groggy Dawg. OH NO it returns. 8pm rolls around and we all meet. Guess what there is now a party of nearly 50 on this floating deck and yep you guessed it Peggy Sue was our waitress again. I apologize now for not having her picture. You know how it went for a Friday night just imagine Saturday night. Because there were too many of us I can't tell you what all was ordered. But I was told that someone received free nachos because the just appeared and no one claimed them. Mu oh so smart hubby headed for the bar for our tab, so did a few others. Of course Peggy is not the only loose screw in Granbury that visits the Groggy Dawg. There is this guy who came in by boat singing and dancing suggestively with a rope. Thankfully I didn't see him again. Then there was the girl that was having her bachelorette party. She was supposedly collecting signatures and I did witness the table dance, however this is a clean post so I didn't even bother taking that pic. (plus I don't have a censor on my camera) But I have to say the guy that took every girl under 25 without a wedding band, including the bachelorette to see his boat. After about 2 hours of this he had shown every girl there so he moved onto the men. Later Joe told me he must have "little man syndrome" he was very short. Here he is showinging Joe.
After 2 crazy nights at the Groggy Dawg we left it standing. After all they party much harder than we do. So if you are ever in Granbury TX you have to check it out and ask for Peggy Sue, if that is her real name.

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keri said...

Ok, seriously, I was wondering how you knew her name. Now I realize I am just an idiot.

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