April 02, 2008

Wednesdays go to the worms.

So far it is not even 10 am and my day has consisted of 3 cups of coffee, 1 trip to the elementary school, 1 trip to wal-mart and so far about 30 minutes of Elmo. When I pulled the tanker into the drive way this morning I stepped out and barely missed the "Daddy" worm. Needless to say my boy, uh I mean middle girl noticed immediately!
I am just glad that I was able to grab the camera fast enough to capture the conversation. I have no idea in toddler talk what was said but it seemed to be a happy time for both. Lilly was laughing and pointing and the worm almost seemed to be dancing. All the while Caitlin has found her way into the front yard and learned that rocks slammed together make a fun noise. They also make for a nice mid-morning snack.
Joe's One year late 30th party was this past Saturday. It was great. I kept this a secret for nearly a month and budgeted so well he didn't even notice the little extras here and there. That morning Natalie had her school carnival and she asked for a Daddy date. Lilly was invited too. 2 hours later I have to whole house decorated the cake should be ready and people are on their way and in walks Joe with Lilly! The look on his face was like... "what the heck, why are there streamers in our foyer?" All that secrecy and planning for him to find out his surprise party was no longer a surprise just 1 hour before! But surprise or not is was a great party. We had hot dogs and Frito pie. There were 3 cakes, one like a hamburger (sorry I didn't get a picture) a cookie cake stating Happy Birthday 30+1 and Cheesecake! Yummy! To top it all off only 10 out of the 20 something people came down with the stomach bug. Again my apologies I swear I cloroxed everything before you came. For the rest of you I promise not to be so eventful for the next party.

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