April 23, 2008

Windmill Farm

1. Our cabin the Windjammer
2. View from our cabin
3. The murphey bed
4. Caitlin and Memaw on the porch
5. Lilly and Daddy looking for the "cows"
6. Notice the hot pink sandles, elmo panties and the shirt says "Blondes do have more fun"
7. Lilly in a tree
8. Lilly in the Bluebonnets
9. Joe stuck in the rocking chair
10. Barn/Fixit shop
11. Taking a walk
12. Sunset from porch


velvet said...

Those cheekies are too much. Does she have eczema?

Rebecca said...

nope I think Caitlin does, but it was just really hot that day. I think like 90

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