May 30, 2008

Yilyee- so she calls herself

Call me crazy but isn't this little girl the spitting image of her daddy? Notice the mess of lunch on her face, kinda looks like Joe's scruff. Also the OSU hat that she stole from Caitlin adds to the whole image of Daddy's tough girl.

May 23, 2008

This Week.

By the way we got the Tahoe fixed with the warranty!!! YEAH!

Let's see this week I called my #1 bff to complain about my #2 bff. Sad it is so high school maybe even Jr. High. But come on I am the one with 3 kids and a husband and #2 can't answer a friggin' phone call for the past 3 weeks. Gimme a break! Enough about that. For the most part the next few days went with no hiccups. Then came Thursday. That was Lilly's last day of school and they have an end of the year party that NO ONE signed up to bring snacks for. I felt so sorry for them so added cupcakes to the list of juice that I signed up for. Yeah me. Ok next, I feel good leavin' the church where Lilly goes to school and my A/C goes out in my car. You have to be joking right. I mean it has been doing this off and on for a couple of weeks, but it was tolerable when it was only 75 degrees outside not when it is 90! So I take it to the dealership that I bought it from. Waiting, waiting, still waiting. No one comes to help me. So I step out, that must of meant trouble, here comes a man.

"May I help you?"
"I think so, I have never had to bring a car in for service, but my A/C on the drivers side it out."

"Umm, did you know you came to a ford dealership?"
"Yeah, I bought it here. I'm blonde not stupid. They told me to bring it here."

"Well we would just send it to Parkway Chevy."
"Let me save you a trip!"

So after a day in a crappy rental I find out that Parkway is not going to fix it, because the warranty that Tomball Ford sold us won't cover it. GREAT! And while at the grocery store for the second time that day I broke my toe.

Then there is today. We pick up the truck from Parkway, drop off the rental, come home. Later Joe calls me and Tomball Ford will be fixing the CHEVY Tahoe for the warranty price and will pay for a rental for the weekend also. So all is well now. Except my toe; it is gross.


May 14, 2008

My turn...

I want to cry, scream and run away from everything. I feel sorry for my kids, I now understand how much pain they go through. I am sorry for everytime that I just ignored your cries. Ear infections are the pits.

May 13, 2008

A hooker came to Caitlin's 1st birthday!.

So Friday was Caitlin's first birthday. As I am preparing for the party Karen (mom-n-law) calls...

"Becky, I am sorry. I ordered Caitlin's cake and the lady was so excited and told me that she makes a great fairy. When I got there to pick it up she was still excited and I saw it. It looks like a hooker! I'm sorry"


From there Lilly opened all of Caitlin's gifts for her and then took them away from her. Happy Birthday honey, welcome to the real world!

May 12, 2008

There is No Drama in Girl Scouts!

This Mother's Day I was able to spend camping with my oldest daughter and her girl scout sisters. 5 of them in fact. The girls have been preparing for this one night campout for several months now. They learned to make fire (me too, see Mandy's for pic of mine), prepare a table, prepare a meal and then clean up afterwards. Not to mention the bathrooms that needed to be cleaned daily and the cabins that were swept out. Now I am not sure if this is the girl scout way or just the fact that it was Mother's Day weekend, but they did everything. As the troop Mom's we were basically not allowed to lift a finger. Now there were a few tired tears and whines mostly from the mom's the girls were screaming and giggling way too much to notice how tired they were! Two of the funniest lines of the weekend trip was "There is no drama in Girl Scouts" that actually came from the troop next to us. Something about the girls gossiping or whining and that was the leaders response, so we stole it! It should be a bumper sticker or t-shirt! The other was "Is there any air conditioning?" Yep nature's a/c kicked on about 4am. It was such a beautiful weekend. Thank you Lord for that weather I can only imagine if it had been nasty...

May 09, 2008

One year ago today...

One year ago today I was laying in a hospital bed sipping tea and feeling no pain. Thank you Dr. Collins at Houston Northwest. Why you ask was I in a hospital bed with no pain? Well I was giving birth to our beautiful third daughter. The lack of pain was due to the enormous amount of drugs. I think they felt sorry for me since I was just there less than a year and a half ago. Joe and I watched TV, waited for exams thankfully I didn't feel those either. Somewhere around noon I don't remember the exact time, Dr. Hulme decided it was time for Caitlin to arrive. So I pushed and pushed. Turned and asked Joe if I was pushing. He would just tell me what a wonderful job I was doing. In fact here is the conversation.

Hulme: "Ok breath then we will push again"

Joe: "OK breath then we will push again"

Me: "Whew!!!!!"

Hulme: "Let's go, push"

Joe: "Let's go, push"

Hulme: "push"

Joe: "push"


Hulme: "you're doing so great Rebecca just relax"

Joe: "you're doing so great Rebecca just relax"

Do you get the picture? I do have to say that Joe's was more supportive because he was holding my hand and back as well as kissing the top of my head after every line. Thanks honey.

So here is #3 One year to the day after she was born. My how she has grown.

May 08, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Reasons I Love My Husband...(not really in order)

13. I made that promise 4.5 years ago.

12. he loved me first.

11. he is a man of God.

10. he makes me laugh.

9. he is not perfect.

8. he has given me 2 additional beautiful girls.

7. he loves all of his daughters the same.

6. my Dad likes him.

5. he cooks.

4. he mops the floor better than I do.

3. he lets me stay at home with the girls instead of work.

2. he listens to me, most of the time.

1. he gets me!

May 06, 2008

School Days...

This morning after staying up until 12am with Natalie working on an enigma project that she didn't know was due today until yesterday afternoon. Yeah I really believe that one. I dropped her off 1/2 the project in hand and was to return with the other half when I had a free hand. At the stop sign to exit the parking lot I was behind a bus. Normally that is a bad thing, except this morning it let me stop long enough to take a gulp of coffee and notice that this bus had a bumper sticker. And it was not the "normal" I heart Tomball. This was on the back door and simply said, "Lord, keep this bus and children in it safe". That was so refreshing.

Then this afternoon when picking Lilly up from school, I was putting Caitlin in her car seat and Lilly was standing patiently on the side walk, seriously. When I turned around she was smiling sweetly behind her sassy (pacifier) at the 3 or 4 little boys that were standing at the window of the 3 year old classroom. My heart just dropped. Now I know she is a beautiful girl, but she is only 2 years old. Come on, if this is what is to come so quickly she will be home schooled until she is out of college and married!

May 01, 2008

Tips for the gym!

There are only 2...

1. Pick a fight with your husband before you go, you will have a better workout.

2. Read all the signs and pay close attention when sitting at the bike and it reads:

"Contact physician if this machine causes pain, faintness, dizziness or fatigue."


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