May 09, 2008

One year ago today...

One year ago today I was laying in a hospital bed sipping tea and feeling no pain. Thank you Dr. Collins at Houston Northwest. Why you ask was I in a hospital bed with no pain? Well I was giving birth to our beautiful third daughter. The lack of pain was due to the enormous amount of drugs. I think they felt sorry for me since I was just there less than a year and a half ago. Joe and I watched TV, waited for exams thankfully I didn't feel those either. Somewhere around noon I don't remember the exact time, Dr. Hulme decided it was time for Caitlin to arrive. So I pushed and pushed. Turned and asked Joe if I was pushing. He would just tell me what a wonderful job I was doing. In fact here is the conversation.

Hulme: "Ok breath then we will push again"

Joe: "OK breath then we will push again"

Me: "Whew!!!!!"

Hulme: "Let's go, push"

Joe: "Let's go, push"

Hulme: "push"

Joe: "push"


Hulme: "you're doing so great Rebecca just relax"

Joe: "you're doing so great Rebecca just relax"

Do you get the picture? I do have to say that Joe's was more supportive because he was holding my hand and back as well as kissing the top of my head after every line. Thanks honey.

So here is #3 One year to the day after she was born. My how she has grown.

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Frances said...

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