May 06, 2008

School Days...

This morning after staying up until 12am with Natalie working on an enigma project that she didn't know was due today until yesterday afternoon. Yeah I really believe that one. I dropped her off 1/2 the project in hand and was to return with the other half when I had a free hand. At the stop sign to exit the parking lot I was behind a bus. Normally that is a bad thing, except this morning it let me stop long enough to take a gulp of coffee and notice that this bus had a bumper sticker. And it was not the "normal" I heart Tomball. This was on the back door and simply said, "Lord, keep this bus and children in it safe". That was so refreshing.

Then this afternoon when picking Lilly up from school, I was putting Caitlin in her car seat and Lilly was standing patiently on the side walk, seriously. When I turned around she was smiling sweetly behind her sassy (pacifier) at the 3 or 4 little boys that were standing at the window of the 3 year old classroom. My heart just dropped. Now I know she is a beautiful girl, but she is only 2 years old. Come on, if this is what is to come so quickly she will be home schooled until she is out of college and married!

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