May 12, 2008

There is No Drama in Girl Scouts!

This Mother's Day I was able to spend camping with my oldest daughter and her girl scout sisters. 5 of them in fact. The girls have been preparing for this one night campout for several months now. They learned to make fire (me too, see Mandy's for pic of mine), prepare a table, prepare a meal and then clean up afterwards. Not to mention the bathrooms that needed to be cleaned daily and the cabins that were swept out. Now I am not sure if this is the girl scout way or just the fact that it was Mother's Day weekend, but they did everything. As the troop Mom's we were basically not allowed to lift a finger. Now there were a few tired tears and whines mostly from the mom's the girls were screaming and giggling way too much to notice how tired they were! Two of the funniest lines of the weekend trip was "There is no drama in Girl Scouts" that actually came from the troop next to us. Something about the girls gossiping or whining and that was the leaders response, so we stole it! It should be a bumper sticker or t-shirt! The other was "Is there any air conditioning?" Yep nature's a/c kicked on about 4am. It was such a beautiful weekend. Thank you Lord for that weather I can only imagine if it had been nasty...

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