June 13, 2008

Ages and Stages in Life

Lilly is at the age that she can create fun new games out of the oddest household items. Such as the new way to play with fly swatters and a bouncy ball.
And if for whatever reason you can hit the ball with the swatter then by all means use your foot!
Caitlin is beginning to walk. She reminds me of the little dragon lizard that runs across the desert. Lilly loves to pull her up to standing and then tell her to walk. Sometimes they are so sweet together. Look they are actually holding hands. Everyone please download this pic and keep it safe for me, I will need to evidence in a few years.
Now how cute is this ornery act! That is the same ball that Lilly was playing Fly Swatter Lacrosse with. And by the way Caitlin was not playing goalie.
Now here is my stage! Just give a nice glass of red wine at the end of the day and leave me alone!
You don't want to see Natalie's stage, it isn't pretty. Her room is messy, her attitude is a roller coaster. She will be 10 next week and I have to say she is way too young for this!

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Scrappy Girl said...

Cute kids...found you while blog surfing and wanted to say hi!

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