June 08, 2008

Dinner and a show.

Friday nights are our out to eat nights. Usually we accompany Dimples parents to the local mexican restaurant. Not this Friday. Joe was late getting home from work so we headed up the street to a little place called Max & Sam's. Now this place can be a quiet almost romantic grill if you decide to sit inside. But we have kids, we sit outside on the patio. With it feeling like 100 degrees out here in TX you'd think we would melt. This patio is covered with fans so it stays pretty nice. Anyway this Friday they had live entertainment. Lilly walks around with the salt shaker and pours it everywhere and Caitlin dances in her highchair while she chows down on cheesy grits. Only this is not the show that was the highlight of the evening. While loading all the kids in the Tahoe I saw this large plume of black smoke coming from the Shell station behind us. So we drive to the other end of the parking lot and sit and watch this motorcycle burn to a crisp. We watched it burn for a good 10 minutes before we heard the sirens of the firetruck, that later completely blocked our view. So what do we do? The same thing any normal onlooker would, we drove down the street for a better view. My apologies for the pics but all I had was my cell phone.

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