June 20, 2008

Not so much a baby anymore.

This week has been rough emotionally. Wednesday my oldest baby turned 10. 10 seriously. She is starting the 5th grade this fall. Now I know I am not old! But looking at your kid and hearing her discuss the progress of the traffic on 59 and the humidity outside makes you feel old. She has grown up so beautiful. I remember when she was 2 she was this big headed big bellied toddler that spoke in almost full sentences. Oh, I miss her baby days. (Just not tied into the other 2 baby days!) We spent the 2 hours that I got to see her; she is at her Dad's house for basically the month of June; eating pancakes, french toast, sausage links and eggs. She choose IHOP. Since it was just the two of us we still had an hour to go before she had to be back, so we went to the only shopping other than Wal-Mart that Cleveland has... Big Lots and Dollar General. So here are some pics to look back through this last year with my not so much baby.

Here she is with her birthday present last year. LuLu is also one year older.

This is her posing. She does that alot.

This is her singing. She really likes to sing in front of a crowd.

This is last minute projects, because she "forgot" to tell me.

Days before she left for her Dad's. I think she was a little bored.



velvet said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl with so many great looks! She looks so much like you in that third pic. Give her love from us.

Carin said...

Over from PW. Oh, kids just grow up too fast, don't they! At least we have the ability to take pictures... lots and lots of pictures!

Employee No. 3699 said...

Came from P. Dub's site.

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. They grow so fast!

I took a quick peek at your last few posts, all three of your girls are cuties.

I've been reading Pioneer Woman for about a year and a half. I, too, love her site. Have you tried her recipe for "Dump Cake"? It is delicious and so easy...I had my three year old granddaugter help me make it.


Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

Mine turned 10 today along with her attitude!

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