July 31, 2008


In case you haven't noticed backgrounds are my obsessions. I love change and often get bored when there is none. So this is my new background I have no idea how long it will last.

July 27, 2008


In case you have been wondering why I have been slow blogging this summer, yes some of it because the kids are active and non-stop. Even so that Lilly has given up her naps and Caitlin is only taking one nap. Then last night she had to have a 102.8 fever under the arm so I think you add 1 degree. I don't know. There will be a phone call made if it goes up again, right now it is down. LOVE TYLENOL!!! Anyway back to the real reason I have been straying away from my computer. I got a sewing machine for my birthday. Stop laughing. Granted when this summer started I could sew a button, but not very well. Now this has been an on going all summer long project. I picked all the colors out myself, and put it all together myself, I did have real life help though, no reading through it. So without further ado...

July 25, 2008


We finally got our voucher for the new crib yesterday. So what else was there to do except load into the car and go get a new bed. How fun shopping is when you don't have to spend $$$! Last week I found one online that was perfect. It was the chic black that is in style now and it was the lifetime crib too. Only one problem, I can't find it anywhere in Babies 'R' Us. In fact I can find anything but simple cribs that fit our voucher "budget". We are talking an average of $350 for a crib. After checking with an associate (David) he was very helpful, I found out that the perfect chic crib is available online only because it is being discontinued. Now I know what your thinking just go ahead and get it right, she has already been in the pack n go for 2 weeks now what is another one? NOOOO, our voucher is not accepted online, it is for in store purchases only! Excuse my harsh language but that is a load of crap. Not only do we have our crib ripped from us due to safety issues now they want us to spend an additional $150 just to get one that it equally nice as the one that we gave up. So I keep looking, tucked away in a corner I found one, it is only $10 more than our voucher and it is the lifetime crib (see pic above). One draw back, it is the same brand that just did the major recall that caused all this. HMMM, we bought it. We walked out of Babies 'R' Us only paying $10.83 for this lovely bed. On a side note, if you are even having a inkling of another baby DO NOT ENTER any baby specialty store. Ever!

July 21, 2008

One rule...

I have a rule in our house, there will be no kids in my bed. Not to say this rule has not been broken a time or two, but it is rare. I pride myself in the fact that we have 3 children and I can count on two hands the amount of time they have slept with us. Last night was one of those nights. It was about 2am and Lilly was screaming/crying loud enough for the pope to hear. When I came into her room she was asking for her cup. After searching and trying to quiet her before she woke up everyone else I found it empty. By now though she is attached to my neck and won't let go. Crocodile tears were dripping from her face and she was now gasping for breath between cries. I was just flat out too tired to deal with it so I scooped her up and she joined Dimples and I in our bed. For the most part she fell right to sleep. Only once do I recall being started by a deep groggy voice firmly telling her to lay down. Of course this morning I woke up to a size 8 foot in my back and a little hand across my face, but at least we all slept. I could have stuck to my rule and been miserable. This morning during our talk about what will happen for each of us that day talk Dimples simply asks, "When did Lilly get in our bed?" Oh I wish I could sleep like that.

July 17, 2008

Open the Door...

Just one simple question for now. Would it be wrong to take off the collars to the dogs and just open the front door?

July 11, 2008


As humans we have obsessions, but as children I believe we have so many more that the average adult. Here are just a few of my children's obsessions that I was able to capture.

This is the first year in many years that we got to spend 4th of July with Natalie. Here is my punk #1 with her punk ready to bring it on.

The end and she is starting to wind down too.

A must of all 3 of my girls. It is ridiculous, seriously a problem if I run out. We have been known to make a trip for these alone. Even though there are regular ones in the fridge.

Lilly is eating one of those cheese dogs right now.

Oh look they both are, notice how full Lilly's cheeks are...

Caitlin likes to savor the flavor.

This is an obsession that just really gets to me. This child climbs to the highest of heights to reach my make up.

No those aren't scratches, and no I wasn't asleep on the couch when this one happened ;)... um ok so maybe I rested my eyes for a second or a little more. Give me a break my child is now sleeping or not sleeping in a pack & play waiting for her new crib. (I did get the package yesterday.) Oh sorry that is nail polish. There is also some on the tile and on the chair that she used to climb on to get it.
Now I saved that best for last. I guess this is her way of cooling off from playing outside. No way better than to soak your feet in cold water. However I don't suggest using the toilet. Have a great weekend.

July 09, 2008

Gotta go, Gotta go!

So you know when your kiddo is potty trained when at 2:30 in the am they decided to begin yelling for you to take them potty. Wiping the crust from your eyes and running into everything between your bed and hers you grab her and put her on the potty. Not fully aware of what is really happening, she is now crying because the light is hurting her eyes. She does a slight tinkle in the potty and is all done. A whopping three drops at 2:30am. Are you serious?
On another note, I'm not sure if I mentioned that Caitlin's crib has been recalled. Mind you that Lilly slept in that crib too. So we have had this unsafe crib for 2+ years now and they finally decide that it is unsafe... anyway when the recall came on 6/26 we were told to immediately stop use and they apologize for the inconvenience but they will send a voucher for the highest amount paid for the model that we have. Oh good. Here is the catch. Yes there is a catch for a recalled crib. I have to wait to receive and acknowledgment form sign it and send it along with all the hardware to the crib back to Jardine Enterprises then wait again for them to receive and process it then they will send me the voucher. I registered 2 weeks ago and still have not received the form. I guess really it is not that big of a deal since we haven't had any problems with it in the last 2+ years, but now that I know that it has been deemed unsafe I would really like to replace it. Maybe by Christmas they will have their stuff together enough to fix the problem.

July 02, 2008

Oh how I miss you!

Oh how I have missed you! I remember when you last held me. We have had so many sweet times together. When will I get to see you again? You know sometimes I think of you secretly throughout my day. I dream of you and me together for hours. I could spend all day and night with you if I could just have my way. Why does my heart break each time I am stolen away? It is because I love you. Until tonight my sweet, I will be waiting to lie with you and rest my eyes and body in your warm embrace of 450 count. Oh my lovely bed how I love and miss you!

Okay seriously though, what is wrong with these pictures? Other than the fact that it is not a requirement to make our beds and that I still have the recalled crib together and Caitlin is still sleeping in it. Let me tell you that this is at 7:15 am, it is now 8:53 and they still sit the exact same way.

Notice in this last one the little arm peeking out... yep it is summer time. No more getting up at 6:30 to jump into the shower and attempt to catch the bus. Now it is time for sleep and the heard all to often phrase of, "I'm bored!" When do I get to have my summers back? I want to sleep until 9 or later! (said with a little whine.)

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