July 09, 2008

Gotta go, Gotta go!

So you know when your kiddo is potty trained when at 2:30 in the am they decided to begin yelling for you to take them potty. Wiping the crust from your eyes and running into everything between your bed and hers you grab her and put her on the potty. Not fully aware of what is really happening, she is now crying because the light is hurting her eyes. She does a slight tinkle in the potty and is all done. A whopping three drops at 2:30am. Are you serious?
On another note, I'm not sure if I mentioned that Caitlin's crib has been recalled. Mind you that Lilly slept in that crib too. So we have had this unsafe crib for 2+ years now and they finally decide that it is unsafe... anyway when the recall came on 6/26 we were told to immediately stop use and they apologize for the inconvenience but they will send a voucher for the highest amount paid for the model that we have. Oh good. Here is the catch. Yes there is a catch for a recalled crib. I have to wait to receive and acknowledgment form sign it and send it along with all the hardware to the crib back to Jardine Enterprises then wait again for them to receive and process it then they will send me the voucher. I registered 2 weeks ago and still have not received the form. I guess really it is not that big of a deal since we haven't had any problems with it in the last 2+ years, but now that I know that it has been deemed unsafe I would really like to replace it. Maybe by Christmas they will have their stuff together enough to fix the problem.

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Employee No. 3699 said...

I can comiserate with you, sort of, about the getting up at 2:30 in the morning. Though my kids are grown we recently got a puppy. He generally starts whimpering anywhere from 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. I get up and let him out of his crate and take him outside...and he piddles a few drops. Sheeesh.


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