July 11, 2008


As humans we have obsessions, but as children I believe we have so many more that the average adult. Here are just a few of my children's obsessions that I was able to capture.

This is the first year in many years that we got to spend 4th of July with Natalie. Here is my punk #1 with her punk ready to bring it on.

The end and she is starting to wind down too.

A must of all 3 of my girls. It is ridiculous, seriously a problem if I run out. We have been known to make a trip for these alone. Even though there are regular ones in the fridge.

Lilly is eating one of those cheese dogs right now.

Oh look they both are, notice how full Lilly's cheeks are...

Caitlin likes to savor the flavor.

This is an obsession that just really gets to me. This child climbs to the highest of heights to reach my make up.

No those aren't scratches, and no I wasn't asleep on the couch when this one happened ;)... um ok so maybe I rested my eyes for a second or a little more. Give me a break my child is now sleeping or not sleeping in a pack & play waiting for her new crib. (I did get the package yesterday.) Oh sorry that is nail polish. There is also some on the tile and on the chair that she used to climb on to get it.
Now I saved that best for last. I guess this is her way of cooling off from playing outside. No way better than to soak your feet in cold water. However I don't suggest using the toilet. Have a great weekend.

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