July 21, 2008

One rule...

I have a rule in our house, there will be no kids in my bed. Not to say this rule has not been broken a time or two, but it is rare. I pride myself in the fact that we have 3 children and I can count on two hands the amount of time they have slept with us. Last night was one of those nights. It was about 2am and Lilly was screaming/crying loud enough for the pope to hear. When I came into her room she was asking for her cup. After searching and trying to quiet her before she woke up everyone else I found it empty. By now though she is attached to my neck and won't let go. Crocodile tears were dripping from her face and she was now gasping for breath between cries. I was just flat out too tired to deal with it so I scooped her up and she joined Dimples and I in our bed. For the most part she fell right to sleep. Only once do I recall being started by a deep groggy voice firmly telling her to lay down. Of course this morning I woke up to a size 8 foot in my back and a little hand across my face, but at least we all slept. I could have stuck to my rule and been miserable. This morning during our talk about what will happen for each of us that day talk Dimples simply asks, "When did Lilly get in our bed?" Oh I wish I could sleep like that.

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