July 25, 2008


We finally got our voucher for the new crib yesterday. So what else was there to do except load into the car and go get a new bed. How fun shopping is when you don't have to spend $$$! Last week I found one online that was perfect. It was the chic black that is in style now and it was the lifetime crib too. Only one problem, I can't find it anywhere in Babies 'R' Us. In fact I can find anything but simple cribs that fit our voucher "budget". We are talking an average of $350 for a crib. After checking with an associate (David) he was very helpful, I found out that the perfect chic crib is available online only because it is being discontinued. Now I know what your thinking just go ahead and get it right, she has already been in the pack n go for 2 weeks now what is another one? NOOOO, our voucher is not accepted online, it is for in store purchases only! Excuse my harsh language but that is a load of crap. Not only do we have our crib ripped from us due to safety issues now they want us to spend an additional $150 just to get one that it equally nice as the one that we gave up. So I keep looking, tucked away in a corner I found one, it is only $10 more than our voucher and it is the lifetime crib (see pic above). One draw back, it is the same brand that just did the major recall that caused all this. HMMM, we bought it. We walked out of Babies 'R' Us only paying $10.83 for this lovely bed. On a side note, if you are even having a inkling of another baby DO NOT ENTER any baby specialty store. Ever!

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