August 28, 2008

Playdates are back!

On Wednesday mornings we meet with several other moms and their children to have a 2 hour playdate. This usually consists of the best park around, but when it is still peaking at 100 outside we opted for an indoor playground called Jumpin' Jacks. This place is awesome. Imagine a treehouse with a ball pit underneath ok now make it an extreme treehouse you know monster house style. You got it, now put it inside! I'm telling you awesome. I haven't even told you the best part. It only costs $1 per age of the child not to exceed $5. So for 2 hours of play time it was only $3. We even brought our own lunch too. Just to prove how awesome this place really is just check out the smiles on these adorable faces.
Wait that is not the happy faces! What happened? I think it is time to go now!

For Better or Worse...

One of my favorite comic strips is coming to an end. For Better or Worse will print its last storyline this Sunday. Now don't tear up, the writer/artist will be putting her strip into syndication kinda. The following Monday she will go back 29 years and start the story again, following the same story but giving it different twists and turns. Sounds interesting right? She is the first in the industry to attempt to do this to quote her, "they either retire or die" that is usually how the strip ends. She just decided that she couldn't retire she couldn't let go; so she is going back and doing it the way it should have been done. Good for her! I look forward to reading it everyday the same way I have been for years.

On another "for better or worse" note, this is my bro-n-law Nathan aka Nate:

the scruff is optional however the beer is not. He is not a drunk, just enjoys one from time to time. He is 23 a capricorn, if your into that, and currently attending college. Nate is an avid reader, and like any other breathing male loves to play video games. As the sister-n-law busy with kids I haven't seen too much of the sensative side, but I know it is there. Please feel free to ask questions...

August 26, 2008


Where was the confetti? Where were the streamers and balloons? The over zealous crowd? It was all missing. That could be why I just noticed this morning that I have actually done this thing for 50 posts. Yeah me. So go pop the champagne and strawberries and lets celebrate. Oh alright at least let me enjoy my morning cup of coffee and the quiet of punk #1 at school and #2 & #3 still asleep; there really is nothing better than a quiet moment. So thanks for reading my now 51 posts and, I hope that we will continue this thing together.

August 25, 2008

Weekend and Back to School

This past week my sister flew in from MD. YEAH! We had a small family get together, I call it small because there was only part of the family there at a total of 25. Trust me there are a lot more.
Pappaw is showing Lilly and R. a gecko that he found out on the patio. They were facinated.
Amanda, Bryce, Dimples and Uncle Lynn all enjoying the dessert bar.
Me, Sarah and Keri this picture was a long time coming. The matching blue shirts were not planned.
My punk #1 started her first day in the 5th grade today. She was up until 12am nervous and excited, then up and showered by 6:15am. I just love her new haircut.
There she goes, off to her bus and to her new school with a locker!
Side note: I have not forgotten about my brother-in-law it has just been a little crazy lately, it will come I promise.

August 20, 2008

Mommy's Brave Girl

Lilly has been complaining a little when we brushed her teeth. At first we just thought that it was the fight of I don't want to go to bed, then she started clinching her teeth and fists with an owie to follow. So I did what any other self respecting mom did and made a dentist appointment. That was 3 months ago. Yeah this pediatric dentist has a 3 month waiting list and he wasn't that great! My thought 2 hours into the visit we waited for this. And she didn't even get her teeth cleaned just checked. Anyway she was so brave that can be a scary place for a 2 1/2 year old. She let them do the x-rays and poke around in her mouth.

August 18, 2008

Olympic break

We took a break from the Olympics this weekend to have a birthday party. The last one of this year!

The oldest punk turned 10 this summer and decided to have a hippie costume party.

Luckily every where you turn this year the clothing is peace signs and tye dye.

So really the only thing that took a little searching for what the blond fro wig for a kid.

Everyone got a turn wearing it. Even Dimples.

August 14, 2008

US Women's gymnastics drama

It is simple really, who cares how old the Chinese team really was they still wiped the floor with us. Even if they really are 13 or 14 and should not have been there to compete some other country would have still beat us with the mistakes that we made. We did not deserve to win the gold they way the girls were losing focus. I know I have no room to talk, I have never been under that kind of pressure, but that is the point. To make the Olympics you are the elite of the elite, not some Joe Shmoe from the 'burbs. I feel for the girls I really do, but they have moved past it why can't the media?

August 12, 2008

Who's your Daddy now?

That is all I have to say to the frenchies. Okay I have to admit our house has caught the Olympic fever. If I might add Michael Phelps is amazing!!! Then last night Houston's own Jonathan Horton stuck every landing and led his gymnastic team to the bronze. I am so proud! On the lighter side of it I now understand the Cingular commercial with the Phelps fan. Two weeks ago when I first saw it I had no clue and just didn't understand. And with NBC being the host station along with all of its affiliates how can you not watch? Seriously it is on 12 channels. With every channel change it was dragging us in further and further with the amazing opening ceremony, then with USA stomping China on the basketball court, Thank you very much. Then the gold medal and world record breaking relay putting the french in their place just clenched us. We are hooked, I just don't know how life will go on in September when it is all over and just an after thought. Humor me and tune in tonight to see Phelps become the World's Greatest Olympic Athlete.
click here to watch the USA beat France in the men's 4x100 relay

August 05, 2008

Post Eduoard

Ok we lived! Whew! No seriously, we got about 3-4 inches rain that we can tell by the drinking glass that got left outside on the rail of the fence. Other than that nothing, I repeat nothing happened. Unless you count the satellite going out twice. We even rationed our food by having a salad for lunch, and pork chops found in the freezer for dinner. And to think we weren't prepared for losing our power. I guess we got the miracle we were praying for. I kinda wish it was more exciting to talk about. Just proves we don't live that exciting life that people think we do.
Since I had some down time today I have decided that I will "pimp" out my brother in law on my blog. If you are not married or know of a woman not married be sure to tune in for random "Search for the sister-in-law" posts. Nathan is 23 and a student at UTD. Dallas or Houston would be prime cities for this unmarried woman to live and work in. Get ready for the next big thing to hit internet dating...

August 04, 2008

Edouard who?

So I am apparently have been living in my own world. I was not aware until maybe about 3 hours ago that we had a tropical storm headed straight towards us. Sitting and watching the news tonight I am now aware how unprepared we really are if anything is to happen. But then in the back of my mind I remember how out of proportion Rita was blown just 2 years ago. The power company is telling people the day before a large storm to be prepared for outages up to 2 weeks. How do you prepare for that? We have 1/2 a package of bottled water, 1 bag of charcoal, 1/2 a bottle of juice and maybe a full loaf of bread. So for a family of 5 that should last us about 3 hours. Thank goodness HEB is open for another 10 minutes. So pray for us. At least Dimples has the day off tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow, ok maybe Wednesday.

August 01, 2008

Favorite Colors

I never pictured Lilly as a pink girl. She seems to me to be more in the brown range, you know the color of dirt or worms. For the last two or three days she has been walking around asking for pink. So naturally I fixed her cup for the day as one of the many pink cups we have. Nope that was not it. So I got down the pink dry erase board that she likes to color one, that was ok for a few minutes then she was done with it, and asking for pink. On day one this went on for several hours before I discovered that Apple Jacks when all eaten leaves pink milk. Now mind you this child can say milk and cereal for that matter but that was not what was asked for. She wanted pink and that was it, no ands ifs or buts about it.

On the other end Natalie is a blue kind of girl. Most of her clothing is blue, she has blue stripes in her room and her comforter is blue and brown stripes. The back pack that we will be purchasing later today is also blue. She also has a blue dry erase board to go on her new locker this year. She is telling me that her locker also happens to be a shade of blue. Lucky her!

Dimples bleeds orange there really is no need to explain this. You just have to know him... GO POKES!!!

Caitlin is not old enough she likes whatever color I pick for her.

Me. I like brown too. All shades of it. It is neutral and goes with everything. Clothes, wall paint, carpet, anything. Except my car... I don't think I would ever buy a brown car. Oh, I even saw a brown cell phone the other day. Never would have thought of that on my own.

What is your favorite color? Sorry no prize just curious.

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