August 04, 2008

Edouard who?

So I am apparently have been living in my own world. I was not aware until maybe about 3 hours ago that we had a tropical storm headed straight towards us. Sitting and watching the news tonight I am now aware how unprepared we really are if anything is to happen. But then in the back of my mind I remember how out of proportion Rita was blown just 2 years ago. The power company is telling people the day before a large storm to be prepared for outages up to 2 weeks. How do you prepare for that? We have 1/2 a package of bottled water, 1 bag of charcoal, 1/2 a bottle of juice and maybe a full loaf of bread. So for a family of 5 that should last us about 3 hours. Thank goodness HEB is open for another 10 minutes. So pray for us. At least Dimples has the day off tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow, ok maybe Wednesday.

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