August 01, 2008

Favorite Colors

I never pictured Lilly as a pink girl. She seems to me to be more in the brown range, you know the color of dirt or worms. For the last two or three days she has been walking around asking for pink. So naturally I fixed her cup for the day as one of the many pink cups we have. Nope that was not it. So I got down the pink dry erase board that she likes to color one, that was ok for a few minutes then she was done with it, and asking for pink. On day one this went on for several hours before I discovered that Apple Jacks when all eaten leaves pink milk. Now mind you this child can say milk and cereal for that matter but that was not what was asked for. She wanted pink and that was it, no ands ifs or buts about it.

On the other end Natalie is a blue kind of girl. Most of her clothing is blue, she has blue stripes in her room and her comforter is blue and brown stripes. The back pack that we will be purchasing later today is also blue. She also has a blue dry erase board to go on her new locker this year. She is telling me that her locker also happens to be a shade of blue. Lucky her!

Dimples bleeds orange there really is no need to explain this. You just have to know him... GO POKES!!!

Caitlin is not old enough she likes whatever color I pick for her.

Me. I like brown too. All shades of it. It is neutral and goes with everything. Clothes, wall paint, carpet, anything. Except my car... I don't think I would ever buy a brown car. Oh, I even saw a brown cell phone the other day. Never would have thought of that on my own.

What is your favorite color? Sorry no prize just curious.

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