August 28, 2008

For Better or Worse...

One of my favorite comic strips is coming to an end. For Better or Worse will print its last storyline this Sunday. Now don't tear up, the writer/artist will be putting her strip into syndication kinda. The following Monday she will go back 29 years and start the story again, following the same story but giving it different twists and turns. Sounds interesting right? She is the first in the industry to attempt to do this to quote her, "they either retire or die" that is usually how the strip ends. She just decided that she couldn't retire she couldn't let go; so she is going back and doing it the way it should have been done. Good for her! I look forward to reading it everyday the same way I have been for years.

On another "for better or worse" note, this is my bro-n-law Nathan aka Nate:

the scruff is optional however the beer is not. He is not a drunk, just enjoys one from time to time. He is 23 a capricorn, if your into that, and currently attending college. Nate is an avid reader, and like any other breathing male loves to play video games. As the sister-n-law busy with kids I haven't seen too much of the sensative side, but I know it is there. Please feel free to ask questions...

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