August 28, 2008

Playdates are back!

On Wednesday mornings we meet with several other moms and their children to have a 2 hour playdate. This usually consists of the best park around, but when it is still peaking at 100 outside we opted for an indoor playground called Jumpin' Jacks. This place is awesome. Imagine a treehouse with a ball pit underneath ok now make it an extreme treehouse you know monster house style. You got it, now put it inside! I'm telling you awesome. I haven't even told you the best part. It only costs $1 per age of the child not to exceed $5. So for 2 hours of play time it was only $3. We even brought our own lunch too. Just to prove how awesome this place really is just check out the smiles on these adorable faces.
Wait that is not the happy faces! What happened? I think it is time to go now!


Tim said...

Were you having as much fun as they were?

Tim said...

I am here, were you having fun?

Becky said...

of course, the moms are great too.

Mandy said...

Where are we going this Wednesday?

Becky said...

I'm thinking we can stick to Jumpin'Jacks until it cools off outside then off to the park. Does that work for you?

Kelly Summers said...

Hey Rebecca!!

Thanks for the encouraging comment!! I have been reading your blog and it is so funny!!

It makes me want to have all girls! Crazy..I know!!

and you look great by the way!!


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