August 05, 2008

Post Eduoard

Ok we lived! Whew! No seriously, we got about 3-4 inches rain that we can tell by the drinking glass that got left outside on the rail of the fence. Other than that nothing, I repeat nothing happened. Unless you count the satellite going out twice. We even rationed our food by having a salad for lunch, and pork chops found in the freezer for dinner. And to think we weren't prepared for losing our power. I guess we got the miracle we were praying for. I kinda wish it was more exciting to talk about. Just proves we don't live that exciting life that people think we do.
Since I had some down time today I have decided that I will "pimp" out my brother in law on my blog. If you are not married or know of a woman not married be sure to tune in for random "Search for the sister-in-law" posts. Nathan is 23 and a student at UTD. Dallas or Houston would be prime cities for this unmarried woman to live and work in. Get ready for the next big thing to hit internet dating...

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