August 25, 2008

Weekend and Back to School

This past week my sister flew in from MD. YEAH! We had a small family get together, I call it small because there was only part of the family there at a total of 25. Trust me there are a lot more.
Pappaw is showing Lilly and R. a gecko that he found out on the patio. They were facinated.
Amanda, Bryce, Dimples and Uncle Lynn all enjoying the dessert bar.
Me, Sarah and Keri this picture was a long time coming. The matching blue shirts were not planned.
My punk #1 started her first day in the 5th grade today. She was up until 12am nervous and excited, then up and showered by 6:15am. I just love her new haircut.
There she goes, off to her bus and to her new school with a locker!
Side note: I have not forgotten about my brother-in-law it has just been a little crazy lately, it will come I promise.


keri said...

why didn't you remind me to take off my glasses!!!

Becky said...

sorry didn't think anything of them. I like them.

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