August 12, 2008

Who's your Daddy now?

That is all I have to say to the frenchies. Okay I have to admit our house has caught the Olympic fever. If I might add Michael Phelps is amazing!!! Then last night Houston's own Jonathan Horton stuck every landing and led his gymnastic team to the bronze. I am so proud! On the lighter side of it I now understand the Cingular commercial with the Phelps fan. Two weeks ago when I first saw it I had no clue and just didn't understand. And with NBC being the host station along with all of its affiliates how can you not watch? Seriously it is on 12 channels. With every channel change it was dragging us in further and further with the amazing opening ceremony, then with USA stomping China on the basketball court, Thank you very much. Then the gold medal and world record breaking relay putting the french in their place just clenched us. We are hooked, I just don't know how life will go on in September when it is all over and just an after thought. Humor me and tune in tonight to see Phelps become the World's Greatest Olympic Athlete.
click here to watch the USA beat France in the men's 4x100 relay


keri said...

Well, since I can't watch it you will have to tell me...

Armstrong said...

Yeah, Phelps is a stud and freaking owned those Olympics. I have a man crush.

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