September 29, 2008

post Ike

Yes I know it has been two weeks since Ike tore through here, but things still just aren't normal. We did finally get our power restored 14 days after the storm. We are in our home and slowly things are returning to there regular programming. Natalie was off to the bus this morning on time from our front door instead of my car sitting at the corner ready to dart off to wake the babies from the a/c slumber at Memaw and Pepaws house. I did give up my stitching club this morning to restore some order in my home. Caitlin is finally taking a nap and I foresee a Dora/Diego marathon for Lilly. My grocery list is 2 pages long and by the end of the day will be 3. I am not looking forward to that trip. Since words cannot truly describe what has happened over the past two weeks and frankly it is all a blur here are the pics. Most of them are the kids playing. They did a lot of that. There are a few pics of damage (those are not our house). To give you an idea of how bad the wind was but a simple perspective there is a blade of grass stuck to a second story window. Oh and the liquor store was the last business to close and the first to open again. Just thought that was kinda funny.

September 21, 2008


Where do I begin? Where did I leave off? Friday night I didn't sleep a wink. Natalie was asleep (some what) at the end of our bed, Lilly was with her and Caitlin was between Joe and I. Like idiots we slept in our bedroom on the second floor. But God is so good, nothing happened. Let me explain that decision. Our first floor is one big room that contains the dining, living and kitchen with about 7 windows. If push came to shove we would have headed for the pantry. Ok so somewhere around 3am some seriously loud winds came through my little town on Tomball. (2 hours north of Galveston) I have never heard my windows rattle, well now I have. I paced the floors all night. Checking windows for water or broken glass. Then I would lay down for a bit and do it all over again. About 4:30am the power went out. That was 9 days ago. I am telling you all of this from my brother-n-law Nathan's room at my in laws house. They got power on Friday. I do have some fun pictures, but in the "move" here I forgot the other memory card. As for our house we have no damage, our cars have no damage, but our spirits are a little broken when the nights are so stinking hot with no AC!
I will try to post more tomorrow.

September 11, 2008

Here we go again.

Today I have spent the entire morning at the grocery store. We are better prepared for Ike than we were for Eduourd. Then again the models all have Ike headed right for us. Now don't get me wrong, we aren't freaking out. Just making sure we have food that doesn't have to be cooked, enough deo (its crazy hot here) and diapers. You know essentials. So our weekend diet if we lose power (like we did in Rita) will consist of BLT sandwiches, Salads, Bacon and eggs you know simple stuff. I have now received 2 phone calls from the school district they will be closed tomorrow but will resume on Monday. So just in case you are wondering we are ok! If we get anything like they say I will have some good pics to post early next week. Enjoy your weekend and thank God that you don't live near the gulf or if you do feel free to stop by we can make it a "IKE PARTY".

September 10, 2008

I gave birth to a Vulture!

This is how we eat dinner when our table is covered with my sewing projects. Dimples had to work a little late tonight so the rest of us ate earlier. Poor guy just wanted to eat his chili dogs in peace, but I gave birth to a vulture 16 mos ago. She circles the prey for a while then swoops in to see if there is anything she just can't live without. Then she goes for the kill. You should see her when there is ice cream involved, it just isn't pretty.
(my apologies for the blurry ones, some how my camera setting was on night vision)

September 04, 2008


Last night Dimples and I were having a conversation. It started about a man named Ivory. According to someone that he works with Ivory is a man as dark as coal. Kinda ironic, but it sparked a pretty funny comment. From the Ivory story Joe begins to try to remember the SNL skit of Eddie Murphy playing Stevie Wonder and some other guy playing you know that Vegas performer, singing Ebony & Ivory. I have no idea what he is talking about, but he continues to say, "they have someone impersonating him on America's Got Talent." Oh, Frank Sinatra! Then it hit me, he just boiled Ol' Blue Eyes to a Vegas performer. Are you kidding me? Vegas that is all you got from him? In case you have never seen the SNL skit it is pretty funny, here enjoy.

September 02, 2008

A little about Lilly.

One day while I was domesticating (as Dimples puts it) our house or tote bags or something, Lilly got a hold of my camera. Some pics are just down right awful but she did show potential to actually find something and attempt to take a clear picture. Of all three girls Lilly is the one that has an obsession with cameras. Not only will she pose for them, but she wants to be behind it as well. For Christmas Santa put a little play Pooh camera in her stocking and she has played with it nearly everyday that she can find it. If you are around be sure that she will ask you to "cheese" if she can find that camera.
Today was Lilly's first day of school. She attends a local MDO program at a church. So that means, no sassy (pacifier), a required nap, and lots of routine. Lilly is good with one of those things... can you guess which one? Surprisingly we are now going on 6 hours of no sassy. How do I do it you ask? Apple juice and Dora. I am not confident this will last. She also made it through her nap dry!!! That is a potty training mile stone. They learned about counting to 5, Lilly can count to 12, and the colors yellow and orange. Orange is well known in this house so I was not surprised to hear that she did well in both subjects today. She got to get a toy out of the treasure box, they all did, but that doesn't matter my kid is special. She got a little gold fish (they all did). Except that Lilly can't say fish clearly. You know that toddler talk. Well I won't be posting a recording of it because this is a family friendly site, no really because I don't have one; but she kept running through the class saying "My Fish!" but it was more along the lines of "My *itsh!" Was that censored enough. We were in church you know, but it was quite funny. There was no encouragement she just kept saying it over and over again; so we had to laugh. Don't judge you would've too.

(make that 6 hours and 13 minutes she found one)

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