September 21, 2008


Where do I begin? Where did I leave off? Friday night I didn't sleep a wink. Natalie was asleep (some what) at the end of our bed, Lilly was with her and Caitlin was between Joe and I. Like idiots we slept in our bedroom on the second floor. But God is so good, nothing happened. Let me explain that decision. Our first floor is one big room that contains the dining, living and kitchen with about 7 windows. If push came to shove we would have headed for the pantry. Ok so somewhere around 3am some seriously loud winds came through my little town on Tomball. (2 hours north of Galveston) I have never heard my windows rattle, well now I have. I paced the floors all night. Checking windows for water or broken glass. Then I would lay down for a bit and do it all over again. About 4:30am the power went out. That was 9 days ago. I am telling you all of this from my brother-n-law Nathan's room at my in laws house. They got power on Friday. I do have some fun pictures, but in the "move" here I forgot the other memory card. As for our house we have no damage, our cars have no damage, but our spirits are a little broken when the nights are so stinking hot with no AC!
I will try to post more tomorrow.

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