September 02, 2008

A little about Lilly.

One day while I was domesticating (as Dimples puts it) our house or tote bags or something, Lilly got a hold of my camera. Some pics are just down right awful but she did show potential to actually find something and attempt to take a clear picture. Of all three girls Lilly is the one that has an obsession with cameras. Not only will she pose for them, but she wants to be behind it as well. For Christmas Santa put a little play Pooh camera in her stocking and she has played with it nearly everyday that she can find it. If you are around be sure that she will ask you to "cheese" if she can find that camera.
Today was Lilly's first day of school. She attends a local MDO program at a church. So that means, no sassy (pacifier), a required nap, and lots of routine. Lilly is good with one of those things... can you guess which one? Surprisingly we are now going on 6 hours of no sassy. How do I do it you ask? Apple juice and Dora. I am not confident this will last. She also made it through her nap dry!!! That is a potty training mile stone. They learned about counting to 5, Lilly can count to 12, and the colors yellow and orange. Orange is well known in this house so I was not surprised to hear that she did well in both subjects today. She got to get a toy out of the treasure box, they all did, but that doesn't matter my kid is special. She got a little gold fish (they all did). Except that Lilly can't say fish clearly. You know that toddler talk. Well I won't be posting a recording of it because this is a family friendly site, no really because I don't have one; but she kept running through the class saying "My Fish!" but it was more along the lines of "My *itsh!" Was that censored enough. We were in church you know, but it was quite funny. There was no encouragement she just kept saying it over and over again; so we had to laugh. Don't judge you would've too.

(make that 6 hours and 13 minutes she found one)

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