September 29, 2008

post Ike

Yes I know it has been two weeks since Ike tore through here, but things still just aren't normal. We did finally get our power restored 14 days after the storm. We are in our home and slowly things are returning to there regular programming. Natalie was off to the bus this morning on time from our front door instead of my car sitting at the corner ready to dart off to wake the babies from the a/c slumber at Memaw and Pepaws house. I did give up my stitching club this morning to restore some order in my home. Caitlin is finally taking a nap and I foresee a Dora/Diego marathon for Lilly. My grocery list is 2 pages long and by the end of the day will be 3. I am not looking forward to that trip. Since words cannot truly describe what has happened over the past two weeks and frankly it is all a blur here are the pics. Most of them are the kids playing. They did a lot of that. There are a few pics of damage (those are not our house). To give you an idea of how bad the wind was but a simple perspective there is a blade of grass stuck to a second story window. Oh and the liquor store was the last business to close and the first to open again. Just thought that was kinda funny.


Gayle said...

To go through such a thing must be just do it with small children must be a nightmare. How scary. I'm glad you are all safe.

keri said...

I can't click on your pictures and enlarge them.

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