October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween! (Lilly)

Ms. Kelly and Lilly at school.
Hannah Montana is the director (principal)! How cool is that?

Butterfly wings, ballerina tutu... is she a fairy?

Not really sure about the velcro belt thingy but it keeps the wings on.

October 25, 2008

Wal-Mart going green?

Don't get your panties in a wad I am not boycotting them this time. $ is too tight to do that. But whatever they say that they are doing to become greener is a load of milarky. I am pretty sure that my trip today included atleast 40 plastic bags. Yep I do have the canvas ones, but I sometimes I forget to bring them into the store. So if I had then I would have only had 30 plastic bags that I now have to remember to take in so they can be recycled.

October 24, 2008

Its Friday!

This has been a long weird week. Starting with Monday. I took Natalie her lunch on the way to my stiching club, where we all decided that my machine died a slow horrible death, then at my lunch saw an old friend that I didn't care to see (long boring stupid story). When Natalie gets home she has her lunch in her hands, what? why? Her teachers forgot to give it to her. UGH! + side I got to see my parents for a little while. Then Tuesday we had the GS meeting here at my house. One word describes that ordeal... DRAMA! Wednesday was play-date and naps that was a great hump day. Thursday Dimples went to bed last night at 8:30. Lilly went to school, Natalie went to school and I got to have lunch with her this time. And for the best part the MDO said that Caitlin can begin school the 1st week of November instead of waiting for the 9th. In other words just 1 more week until I am home free for 10 a week, what oh what will I do? Today is Friday and it is GNO!

October 23, 2008

Newest Blogger

We have a new addition to the blogger family. Natalie aka Punk #1 has been sucked into the black hole we all know and love! Click here to read her blog, and feel free to LEAVE COMMENTS!!! Also if your aren't scared join as a follower (that goes for this blog also.)

October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Help ME!

Ok this is my living room. When we moved into this home I didn't notice how narrow the living room is and how large our furniture is. If you can come up with any other layout please comment. This is design for less than a dime!
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October 21, 2008

A Man in Uniform

This is Josh, he is my nephew and a marine. This weekend will be his Welcome Home party and we will not be attending. I am very sad about it. I am so proud of my nephew he has really grown into a strong Christian hero! I don't get to see Josh as much as I would like and he will be soon beginning a new job with the marines. That means that he will be leaving us again, this time for I believe 3 years. Please keep him in your prayers. Ok on a lighter note here is some interesting facts about Josh, his favorite TV show is Generation Kill (what is that?), he likes anything by John Grisham and when it comes to music it is all country and a lot of rock. This is the same boy that would where my dresses, let us fix his hair and apply make up to his face. I grew up with him, he is more like a brother than a nephew. Josh will always hold a special place in my heart and I can't tell you in words how proud he makes me. Thank you Josh for keeping my family safe.

October 18, 2008

Party like it is 1999!

Ok so maybe we didn't party like it was 1999 but we did have a good time. Last night Dimples and I got to go out on a date. Some of our friends were have a real couples party. DJ included. Most of our friends were there, ok so most of them are my friends but this way Dimples got to finally meet the husbands so now they are our friends. We need more couple friends. There are pictures floating around, but me I forgot my camera. I didn't forget it I left it; it is big and clunky not really fun to tote around. I want one of those little sleek ones that fit in your pocket that would have been awesome. 'Ways we partied, we actually hired a babysitter! That was a new experiance for us. She was awesome too! I will be calling her again in the future it was so nice to get out and have some time away from kids, dishes, laundry and the vacuum! The one thing that was kinda weird... how is it that most of my friends that were there are my highschool friends parents? It is kinda funny when you think about it. Several of them made the comment that they never thought they would be partying with their daughters friend. But the best compliment of the night was how many people told this little white girl that she could dance! That's right can't touch this!

October 11, 2008

Von Trap family we are not.

About 2 weeks ago we had a very nice cousin (Barry) and a very nice aunt (Aunt Dorothy) deliver a piano to our home. The intentions were to have Natalie take lessons and eventually we will reach that goal, but instead Lilly and Caitlin have taken over. Make sure you have your volume on for Lilly's grammy winning rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

October 09, 2008

Monopoly is back.

This past Tuesday McD's brought back the ever popular monopoly game. So what does this mean you may ask...


of course with the hopes of being that million dollar winner. Wish me luck!

October 07, 2008


Things of my youth that I remember fondly: (in no particular order)

Playing in the creek behind our house.
Save by the Bell marathons.
Filling my gas tank for $10.
Purchasing a stamp for $0.25.
School dances.
School field trips.
Green pancakes.
Donuts, Donuts, Donuts! or Chicken, Chicken, Chicken. (You have to chant this)
Sunday night church.
My 4th grade teacher Mrs. Ivins.
A white ruffle shirt, Keri knows the one.
Violin lessons.
School cafeteria pizza and gooey cookies.
Nap time.
Sleeping in.
Sleep overs.

Okay I am starting to see a pattern here.

October 01, 2008

Natalie aka Punk #1

This is Natalie, she is my first born. Natalie is 10 going on 30. I see so much of myself in her it scares me. As my oldest we are learning together the ups and downs of childhood and parenting. This is my GT child; too smart for her own good is what I say. She questions everything that I say, but not is a rebellious way just to understand it better. Her mind is going a mile a minute all day long. For her birthday this year her Memaw and Pepaw got her the Harry Potter series. Within the first 6 weeks of school she has completed the first 4 and is working on the 5th. She is my straight A student. She also has her normal 10 year old side too, the 15 webkinz are proof of that. She is active in Girl Scouts and is working on her bronze award this year. In order to receive the award she must complete 15 hours of some sort of community service. She still likes to sit on top of me and cuddle, she doesn't like Hannah Montana but loves the Jonas Brothers. Because she is in school most of the time and at her Dad's the other time I really don't get to "visit" with her much anymore but that time that I do get is precious. As my first born she will always hold that special place in my heart. She loves to have hot chocolate in the mornings no matter what time of the year. She's cheap just like her mother, just the other day she made the comment after showing off the bangles that she was trying on, "OMG these are like 7 bucks a piece and I had 2 sets of them." I just had to laugh. Her favorite movie is Transylvania 6-5000, her favorite color is blue and her favorite word is dude. Just a little about my #1 punk.

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