October 24, 2008

Its Friday!

This has been a long weird week. Starting with Monday. I took Natalie her lunch on the way to my stiching club, where we all decided that my machine died a slow horrible death, then at my lunch saw an old friend that I didn't care to see (long boring stupid story). When Natalie gets home she has her lunch in her hands, what? why? Her teachers forgot to give it to her. UGH! + side I got to see my parents for a little while. Then Tuesday we had the GS meeting here at my house. One word describes that ordeal... DRAMA! Wednesday was play-date and naps that was a great hump day. Thursday Dimples went to bed last night at 8:30. Lilly went to school, Natalie went to school and I got to have lunch with her this time. And for the best part the MDO said that Caitlin can begin school the 1st week of November instead of waiting for the 9th. In other words just 1 more week until I am home free for 10 a week, what oh what will I do? Today is Friday and it is GNO!

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