October 01, 2008

Natalie aka Punk #1

This is Natalie, she is my first born. Natalie is 10 going on 30. I see so much of myself in her it scares me. As my oldest we are learning together the ups and downs of childhood and parenting. This is my GT child; too smart for her own good is what I say. She questions everything that I say, but not is a rebellious way just to understand it better. Her mind is going a mile a minute all day long. For her birthday this year her Memaw and Pepaw got her the Harry Potter series. Within the first 6 weeks of school she has completed the first 4 and is working on the 5th. She is my straight A student. She also has her normal 10 year old side too, the 15 webkinz are proof of that. She is active in Girl Scouts and is working on her bronze award this year. In order to receive the award she must complete 15 hours of some sort of community service. She still likes to sit on top of me and cuddle, she doesn't like Hannah Montana but loves the Jonas Brothers. Because she is in school most of the time and at her Dad's the other time I really don't get to "visit" with her much anymore but that time that I do get is precious. As my first born she will always hold that special place in my heart. She loves to have hot chocolate in the mornings no matter what time of the year. She's cheap just like her mother, just the other day she made the comment after showing off the bangles that she was trying on, "OMG these are like 7 bucks a piece and I had 2 sets of them." I just had to laugh. Her favorite movie is Transylvania 6-5000, her favorite color is blue and her favorite word is dude. Just a little about my #1 punk.

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