October 18, 2008

Party like it is 1999!

Ok so maybe we didn't party like it was 1999 but we did have a good time. Last night Dimples and I got to go out on a date. Some of our friends were have a real couples party. DJ included. Most of our friends were there, ok so most of them are my friends but this way Dimples got to finally meet the husbands so now they are our friends. We need more couple friends. There are pictures floating around, but me I forgot my camera. I didn't forget it I left it; it is big and clunky not really fun to tote around. I want one of those little sleek ones that fit in your pocket that would have been awesome. 'Ways we partied, we actually hired a babysitter! That was a new experiance for us. She was awesome too! I will be calling her again in the future it was so nice to get out and have some time away from kids, dishes, laundry and the vacuum! The one thing that was kinda weird... how is it that most of my friends that were there are my highschool friends parents? It is kinda funny when you think about it. Several of them made the comment that they never thought they would be partying with their daughters friend. But the best compliment of the night was how many people told this little white girl that she could dance! That's right can't touch this!

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