November 30, 2008

Background war! - Link is fixed!

Natalie aka punk #1 at First Born stole my original Christmas background!  She has asked me to tell you that she is hosting a contest go there to check out the details.

November 29, 2008

Screen cleaner

You know your house is ran by kids, and you are ok with it, when you can read two entire blogs before you notice that your screen is extra dirty. You then reach for the nearest tissue to wipe it clean and your #1 punk asks, "what is that?" You answer her, "a booger!"

When does school start again?

November 26, 2008

November 24, 2008

November 23, 2008

Stiching Class

*special thanks to Barbara E. for her photog skills*
Many of you know that I have been participating in our church's quilting ministry.  I have now made 1 quilt, 4 tote bags, and 1 Christmas stocking.  Natalie is learning with me at a much slower pace due to her school schedule.  With in these past few months I have bought 2 machines and then returned the same machines for defects.  My lovely and wonderful grandma, Dodo, has now given me her machine and I LOVE it.  It is a Kenmore and has all these fun attachments.  I get so excited thinking about all the fun projects that I will get to share.  Anyway Natalie aka punk #1 took the Crazy Stocking class with me last week and this is a picture of me helping her work on her Great Grandma's machine.  It is enough to make my heart swell with pride.  Notice her face, she is concentrating hard to make it just right.  These 2 stockings that we made will be Christmas presents for her teachers, so they had to be just right.  Nothing less of perfection.

Out of the mouths of babes...

Today in Sunday School we were working on an activity it came about that Dimples is color blind.  One of the boys says this, 

"My dad is blind in his left eye because he got hit in the head with a frying pan while making fried chicken."  -Noah P.

November 22, 2008

How I spend my evenings...

* special thanks to Monica for her camera that night*
How does that saying go, same song different verse? I don't know but you get the idea. Every night I clean up after my children. Most of the time it takes maybe 30 minutes, that includes the dishes. There really isn't much to clean downstairs; the upstairs that is a different story!

Wednesday afternoon the girls were outside playing with our neighbors boys. Some how Lazaro never made it into the pictures. This is Lorenzo. Isn't he just adorable? Any Monica and I were just sitting there watching them play and keeping them from being ran over. They came up with this great idea of going inside. So I, being the smart one that I am, put the baby gate up on the stairs and turned on a Dora video. I left the front door open so that they could come and go as they please, this way Monica and I get to visit outside without our children interrupting us. Everyone is happy. Then the husbands come home! Neither of us have cooked dinner and suggesting pizza. When Dimples goes inside to begin cooking, he quickly comes out to tell me this has happened. Poor Monica thought that Dimples was never going to let me out of the house again. I married such a wonderful man.

By the way this is finger nail polish, blue, in Berber carpet.

The sad thing is that it was mine that did this, she was trying to paint her toes. She did a beautiful job don't you think?

November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: 1 year ago, sometime this month.

(I don't do the link thing, because I am too tired to figure it out, click here if you want to try.)

November 17, 2008


At what age does a child finally become responsible for their actions? When do they get to go without because they forgot? When does the mother stop getting blamed for those actions that are out of her hands? The school doesn't help this problem either. This stupid lunch account is just a credit card to these kids. I can just hear the minds, " Oh its ok mom or dad will just put more $ in." Except when there are 2 different sets of parents that share the account then it becomes my money your money. Today my fifth grader forgot her lunch so I graciously muttered under my breath and drove her lunch to the school. I could've just let her go without, she forgot. We have been doing this lunch at school thing for what 6 years now. How hard is it to grab a lunchable from the fridge? But I took it to her so that she wouldn't use the account on my day, since there is only her dad's $ in it. Of course after the phone call about a spoiled lunchable and me 45 minutes away I wish I just let her go without. Yep, I already got the email asking why she used it and demanding payback by tomorrow. Give me a friggin' break she is your kid too! It is $2. It will be in the account tomorrow. Sometimes things like this happen. UGH! So again at what age does this child start to take responsibilities for her actions?


I think we should just put an end to Mondays. There should be nothing that has to be done on Mondays. No sewing class at 9am, no kids forgettig lunches, no trash pick up. NOTHING! Ok the sewing class can stay, but I need it to be ok if I am late, because I have to gather and put out the trash, take lunch to my 5th grader then drive the 30 minutes in 10 so that I can maybe be on time. Atleast it is almost over. I like Tuesdays they can stay. So have a Happy Tuesday! Starting next week I am boycotting Mondays!

November 11, 2008

MDO is it worth it?

10 hours a week of pure quiet bliss. I get to do whatever I want. I get to eat whatever I want without sharing and I get to drink whatever I want! But the rest of the day 2:30-8:30 is classified as toddler hell. These two haven't stopped whining and crying since I picked them up. This is a normal occurrence also, so my question to you is the 10 hours worth the 12 hour fight?

November 10, 2008

Beef, it's whats for dinner!

This is one of the many good things that happen when Dimples cooks dinner. YUMMY steak and potato spinach salad with blue cheese dressing. With Christmas coming we may be hiring him out let me know if you would be interested. Seriously though he does like to smoke turkeys.

November 07, 2008


Kelly Summers is a friend of mine. I met her when I was working in the Keller Williams office here in Houston. We quickly became work buddies. Our Texas friendship was cut short when she married Matt and immediately moved to California. We still keep in touch with pictures and stories through our blogs. Kelly posted a blog today that really touched my heart and I want to share it with you, click here. Please keep Kelly, Matt and Sadie in your prayers as they take this journey together. It will be difficult on them as husband and wife, parents and Christians. Also pray for Sadie as she grows older she will not understand the amazing things that they will be doing for our God.

My apologies Ashley.

My apologies to all those single women in the Houston and Dallas metroplex. I did not know, that is my story and I am sticking to it. My brother in law, Nathan, brought home his girlfriend for the family to meet (and I liked her.) According to both of them when I posted the original search they were on a "break" and neither of them knew that I did it. Nathan you really need to check your email and read my blog you learn things, important things from me! Anyway I made my apologies we had some laughs. She played the Wii with my punks, played outside with the baby punks and even talked politics with my mom-n-law and me, I think I offended her. But that is what makes the world go round, differences in opinions not me offending people. Final say, I like her and Nathan has my blessing to continue to date her.

November 06, 2008


Babies! Babies! Babies! They are everywhere. I have one neighbor prego and one delivered this morning. Then my friend Mandy is due in March. Another neighbor of mine for a while thought she was. I am surrounded by baby madness. HELP ME! All I have to do is look at them too long and the next thing you know it will be me. God help us all if we have another one right now. (don't get too worked up, we're not!!!)

November 04, 2008

My Day as a free woman!

Today was Caitlin's first day of school. (And since I don't have a camera right now this is from about 2 weeks ago.) She walked into the classroom grabbed a toy and walked right out. Ms. Shelley scooped her up took her back to class and she spent the rest of the day laughing hysterically and trying to escape. Sounds like she had a normal day. I never did get the answer though about her nap.

After I dropped off the punks I went about my way for 5 hours of bliss. I did my part in the 2008 election, God please help us! During that process I found out that it is a class C misdemeanor to have the incorrect address on your drivers license. Hmmm, I know what I am doing Thursday with my 5 hours of bliss. Then I met my BFF Lauren for lunch at Hasta LaPasta after a quick run to the library. (This is us at the 2008 Rodeo, I think it was Fergie- corrected it was Rascal Flatts.)

After lunch I stopped next door for a pedicure (that is not it in the picture), it has only been since Mother's Day that I had my last one, that poor lady! Then off to pick up the punks, it was 2pm already. My how 5 hours flies when you are alone!

November 02, 2008

RIP Kodak Z10

My camera went kaput this weekend. So here are the last pics that it will produce.
~ Thank you Kodak you have proven yourself well against the odds of the children in my home. But kicked over Soy Sauce was the final enemy that you could not defeat. May you rest in peace my old friend.~

My sweet little kitty cat! Meow.

The one Trick-or-Treat picture that turned out before Mr. Kodak started the painful slow in and out of death. The park pictures are from last weeks playdate. The sweet little girl in all pink, yeah that's the one, at lunch decided to sit on top of the table instead of the bench and kicked over my plate of sushi. (don't judge me I really wanted sushi for lunch and the park was not going to take that from me, little did I know.) Soy Sauce and wasbe went everywhere including all over her friend Gavin next to me. Mental note: Wasbe and an 18 mos are not a good combo. That was the most expensive $5 sushi I ever had. It all landed in the dirt under the table. That will teach me I need to stick to hotdogs or pb&j from now on!

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