November 17, 2008


At what age does a child finally become responsible for their actions? When do they get to go without because they forgot? When does the mother stop getting blamed for those actions that are out of her hands? The school doesn't help this problem either. This stupid lunch account is just a credit card to these kids. I can just hear the minds, " Oh its ok mom or dad will just put more $ in." Except when there are 2 different sets of parents that share the account then it becomes my money your money. Today my fifth grader forgot her lunch so I graciously muttered under my breath and drove her lunch to the school. I could've just let her go without, she forgot. We have been doing this lunch at school thing for what 6 years now. How hard is it to grab a lunchable from the fridge? But I took it to her so that she wouldn't use the account on my day, since there is only her dad's $ in it. Of course after the phone call about a spoiled lunchable and me 45 minutes away I wish I just let her go without. Yep, I already got the email asking why she used it and demanding payback by tomorrow. Give me a friggin' break she is your kid too! It is $2. It will be in the account tomorrow. Sometimes things like this happen. UGH! So again at what age does this child start to take responsibilities for her actions?

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