November 22, 2008

How I spend my evenings...

* special thanks to Monica for her camera that night*
How does that saying go, same song different verse? I don't know but you get the idea. Every night I clean up after my children. Most of the time it takes maybe 30 minutes, that includes the dishes. There really isn't much to clean downstairs; the upstairs that is a different story!

Wednesday afternoon the girls were outside playing with our neighbors boys. Some how Lazaro never made it into the pictures. This is Lorenzo. Isn't he just adorable? Any Monica and I were just sitting there watching them play and keeping them from being ran over. They came up with this great idea of going inside. So I, being the smart one that I am, put the baby gate up on the stairs and turned on a Dora video. I left the front door open so that they could come and go as they please, this way Monica and I get to visit outside without our children interrupting us. Everyone is happy. Then the husbands come home! Neither of us have cooked dinner and suggesting pizza. When Dimples goes inside to begin cooking, he quickly comes out to tell me this has happened. Poor Monica thought that Dimples was never going to let me out of the house again. I married such a wonderful man.

By the way this is finger nail polish, blue, in Berber carpet.

The sad thing is that it was mine that did this, she was trying to paint her toes. She did a beautiful job don't you think?

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