November 04, 2008

My Day as a free woman!

Today was Caitlin's first day of school. (And since I don't have a camera right now this is from about 2 weeks ago.) She walked into the classroom grabbed a toy and walked right out. Ms. Shelley scooped her up took her back to class and she spent the rest of the day laughing hysterically and trying to escape. Sounds like she had a normal day. I never did get the answer though about her nap.

After I dropped off the punks I went about my way for 5 hours of bliss. I did my part in the 2008 election, God please help us! During that process I found out that it is a class C misdemeanor to have the incorrect address on your drivers license. Hmmm, I know what I am doing Thursday with my 5 hours of bliss. Then I met my BFF Lauren for lunch at Hasta LaPasta after a quick run to the library. (This is us at the 2008 Rodeo, I think it was Fergie- corrected it was Rascal Flatts.)

After lunch I stopped next door for a pedicure (that is not it in the picture), it has only been since Mother's Day that I had my last one, that poor lady! Then off to pick up the punks, it was 2pm already. My how 5 hours flies when you are alone!

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Gayle said...

My son recieved a text last night asking him to wear black to school today to mourn the death of our country. Can't say I'm super pleased about the election results either. I hope our country is going to be okay....

Isn't it fun to have some time back to yourself?!

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