November 02, 2008

RIP Kodak Z10

My camera went kaput this weekend. So here are the last pics that it will produce.
~ Thank you Kodak you have proven yourself well against the odds of the children in my home. But kicked over Soy Sauce was the final enemy that you could not defeat. May you rest in peace my old friend.~

My sweet little kitty cat! Meow.

The one Trick-or-Treat picture that turned out before Mr. Kodak started the painful slow in and out of death. The park pictures are from last weeks playdate. The sweet little girl in all pink, yeah that's the one, at lunch decided to sit on top of the table instead of the bench and kicked over my plate of sushi. (don't judge me I really wanted sushi for lunch and the park was not going to take that from me, little did I know.) Soy Sauce and wasbe went everywhere including all over her friend Gavin next to me. Mental note: Wasbe and an 18 mos are not a good combo. That was the most expensive $5 sushi I ever had. It all landed in the dirt under the table. That will teach me I need to stick to hotdogs or pb&j from now on!

1 comment:

Gayle said...

That is most definitely the cutest black cat I have ever seen! :)

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