November 23, 2008

Stiching Class

*special thanks to Barbara E. for her photog skills*
Many of you know that I have been participating in our church's quilting ministry.  I have now made 1 quilt, 4 tote bags, and 1 Christmas stocking.  Natalie is learning with me at a much slower pace due to her school schedule.  With in these past few months I have bought 2 machines and then returned the same machines for defects.  My lovely and wonderful grandma, Dodo, has now given me her machine and I LOVE it.  It is a Kenmore and has all these fun attachments.  I get so excited thinking about all the fun projects that I will get to share.  Anyway Natalie aka punk #1 took the Crazy Stocking class with me last week and this is a picture of me helping her work on her Great Grandma's machine.  It is enough to make my heart swell with pride.  Notice her face, she is concentrating hard to make it just right.  These 2 stockings that we made will be Christmas presents for her teachers, so they had to be just right.  Nothing less of perfection.

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