December 09, 2008

Christmas Vacation Troubles. UPDATE

*** UPDATE *** Our vacation was approved! WE ARE GOING TO DENVER!  Thank you Mr. Man for doing the right thing. I was told to apologize but I am not, I was not wrong in my frustration, plus he doesn't read this so I don't have to.

We have been planning a vacation to Denver Co for over a month now.  Our plans consist of us leaving shortly after Christmas and returning shortly after New Years.  Of course all of this revolves around Dimples job.  His boss Mr. Man has now know about this vacation for over a month and has still not given us an answer.  Dimples thinks I am upset with him when I am certainly not.  Mr. Man on the other hand I am very angry with.  He doesn't know that we aren't booking a hotel because we are staying with family, he also doesn't know that we are driving not flying our family of 5.  Because all of that takes at least 2 weeks advance to book.  The hotels booked a long time ago and time shares booked last year.  So common courtesy for Mr. Man would be, work harder when someone hoards their EARNED vacation time for a Christmas with family and if you cannot get your poop in a group and the request gets denied you should offer to buy back that time (which they are not offering this year) instead of the hard working Dimples losing all of it.  To top off my frustration, tomorrow when we finally get our answer if Mr. Man says no it will be too late for him to take most of his stashed time off.  We only have 23 days left of the year and only 12 of those are working days!  So please say a prayer tonight that we will get our vacation time and get to spend Christmas with some of our very large family, my girls will get to see snow, Dimples will get to ski for the first time in 5 years, oh the list could go on and on.  

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Gayle said...

You've made several comments on my blog, and I checked in and thought it would be fun to follow you as well. I don't know any history up 'til now, but I am dying to know who Dimples' boss is because I want to kick his butt! Some people get in a position of "power" and think they really matter when they are just a speck in the universe. What matters is you (Dimples' wife) and the children and their memories. No job is worth losing good memories. I sure hope you get the much deserved vacation. And if Mr. Man (or whatever he was called) doesn't give it to you, rest assured Karma will get him! :)

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