January 30, 2009

All my peeps!

Ok I know you are out there.  And Gayle what happened to you?  I am starting to feel a little lonely and self conscious.  (I had to spell check that, and I think I got it right).  Click here to follow my blog, you can even follow anonymously if you want to hide your identity.  I know you people read this, you stop me at church to tell me something that was on it or at family functions.  Go ahead cross that line and become a follower, in this case it is ok.  Thanks.

January 29, 2009

The goings on.

This child, the one that is jumping on the couch in her church dress, yeah that one.  This is Sunday before we head off for church, other than a runny nose she has been the sweet little one that she always is.  Tuesday morning we drop punk #3 off at MDO and head off to see the Dr.  Lilly is so excited, she told everyone that we past that day that she was going to the Dr. In the waiting room she kept asking where he was.  We sat there for an hour waiting.  Our ped. is awesome, we also sat in with him for an hour, he really pays attention and asks me questions.  You know my mind is fried with three kids so he know what I want to ask, but can't remember.  In this hour that we are visiting and he is making Lilly's knee bounce he finds that she has an ear infection.  WHAT?!?  There is no fever, no screaming from pain, no pulling at the ears.  Nothing except very thick green snot.  I guess that is enough, it really is gross.
In other Dr. news, I went to see our eye Dr and you know we are still waiting for the people to send my glasses back to them so I can have them.  That was 3 weeks ago.  It is a good thing I am not blind and I have an extra pair.  I also got the postcard in the mail that I am do for my dental exam and cleaning.  YEAH!  I can't get in until the third week of April.  Maybe I should go ahead and call for the woman visit too.  He always takes forever to get into.  So that is it for now. Goodbye.

January 23, 2009


These are out of order because blogger is acting stupid again!

This is the end, (but as stated before blogger is acting up again and it won't let me move the picture.)  She is all sugared up!  What a way to end the day.

Dora ice cream cake and Shreck cup cakes, we hodge podge.  It beats the hooker fairy!
She blew out everyone of them!!!
Disney Princess dolls what a girly gift. ;)
Lilly with her monster truck.  Lazaro says those are for boys!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday dear Lilly, Happy Birthday to you!

They just couldn't wait for the cup cakes!

This precious princess followed my sister around the whole time!
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January 19, 2009

Make a joyful noise.

For some reason my sense of hearing today was heightened.  This morning a tad earlier than what I would have like I woke to the sounds of my baby girls fighting.  This is nothing out of their normal routine, but I heard it too clearly.  A little later the bathroom was filled with giggles and deep belly laughs from the shower while they were getting ready for church.  Then during our morning worship at church the man behind us, well lets just say he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, belted out the "joyful noise" that warmed my heart.  More power to you sir.  Today is Lilly's third birthday which brought on A LOT of noise in our home.  8 children playing, laughing and singing a very off tune Happy Birthday to Lilly. The last conversation of the day was my sister-n-law in Mississippi called to say that her family would be coming to visit us in Houston hopefully sometime in March or April.  Since I have never met her or my brother-n-law, Dimples has not met her either and hasn't seen his brother in years, we are very excited to welcome them into our home. All in all it was a day filled with joyful noise.  And it simply made me happy.

January 10, 2009

Merry Christmas Pics

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Colorado and Oklahoma pics

*This seemed to be the only way that blogger would let me upload.  


Lilly is finally beginning to understand the birthday thing.  She gets the present thing and the party thing.  This year though she understands that with each birthday you get to turn another year older.  This year my middle child will be three.  Three!  I can't believe that three years ago she was hanging on to my ribs with her long little monkey toes.  I guess three is the magic number.  I have three children, all three girls.  Three years ago Dimples took me to the same restaurant that we will be dining at tonight.  This place I will actually get a three course meal.  I could have more but come on lets be realistic.  That is not in the financial budget or the "healthy" budget.

OK for some fun... 5 years ago today...  Right about now I was sitting in the salon chair having someone other than the lady I booked doing my hair.  (Debra decided to go to a Paul Mitchel Convention in Florida on my wedding day!)  I have all my bridesmaids with me having theirs done too.  It was so much fun.  Then to my horror who ever this replacement chic was had set my veil down in hair color!  No not bleach, RED.  Thankfully it didn't show in the pictures and the lady that made it for me didn't come to the wedding.  My old (used to be, um friend) still hadn't called or shown up.  That is a whole different story.  She is supposed to meet us at the church with lunch and wine.  We get to the church and it is locked.  Ms. Frannie didn't know we were coming that early.  God love her it was noon and the wedding was at 4.  We still had to get dressed, eat, pee then get dressed again.  When we get into the church I start getting all my stuff out.  What do I notice?  The diamond is missing from my ring.  Oh the water works!!!  I am an emotional person anyway, but you should have seen me.  My wonderful sister talks to me and then takes the ring to Dimples and asks what we should do.  Why he didn't run when he had the chance who knows.  I mean seriously your soon to be wife, for the rest of your life, is in hysterics over a ring.  We couldn't do anything so we just left it and don't have any pictures of our hands.  4 o'clock came and went, we said our vows to each other and Dimples said some very special vows written by a good friend of mine to Natalie and placed a ring on her hand also.  We ate cake and through the garter and bouquet.  Thankfully we had no more hiccups.  That day.  Funny the same things that went wrong that day seemed to show back up in later instances.  The ring... has now been replaced by another jeweler, the friend is no longer around, the veil OK that never showed back up but when else do you need a veil?

January 07, 2009

1 & 5 year anniversaries

Ok now that I have some time to myself.  I snuck away to Natalie's room so I can work on this thing.  It is still giving me the ERROR 400 message so I give up.  Eventually I will have the pics on a picasa web then you can follow that link.  I just donned on me the other day that it has been a full year since I started this thing.  My alot has happened.  I hope this year is just as eventful yet more peaceful.  This Saturday Dimples and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary.  I mentioned that we should ask his parents to watch the kids so we can go to dinner somewhere like Salt Grass and maybe catch a movie.  Too late he made plans!  He is taking me to one of my favorite dress up restaurants.  You know the kind that actually has a dress code.  The Rainbow Lodge off of Memorial.  We went there when I was prego with Lilly, maybe this time the duck won't make me want to.... you know.  Next week Lilly turns three.  Can you believe it?  I remember posting about her turning two; this is so much better.  She somewhat listens and is such a big helper around the house.  I can actually let her swiffer the floor.  She loves it too.  Now it is Caitlin's turn.  She is 20 months this month and she has already started.  She is a fast learner of how to push my buttons.  But she also gives the best hugs.  Gotta go that was not a good scream!

January 05, 2009

Hey there!

My oh my do I have a lot to say.  Our vacation was a blast. Thanks Velvet for letting us stay with you, and the magic eraser is in the mail! I have tons of pics.  But here are a few of my favorite.  I am sneaking away to use my daughters computer, my lap top broke somehow on the trip home.  This year we did the whole New Year's thing different.  First of all I have always been at home for the 12am ball drop.  Not this year!!!  2nd every year we have a big lunch with black eyed peas, cabbage and ham; nope this year it was fried chicken from KFC.  Last, I actually got to take a nap!  Hope yours was as great as mine.  If you don't hear from me for a while it is the computer thing and I have a 3 year old's party to plan.  

*** for some reason blogger won't let me add the pics.  ERROR!!!  I will try again in a few days.***

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