January 07, 2009

1 & 5 year anniversaries

Ok now that I have some time to myself.  I snuck away to Natalie's room so I can work on this thing.  It is still giving me the ERROR 400 message so I give up.  Eventually I will have the pics on a picasa web then you can follow that link.  I just donned on me the other day that it has been a full year since I started this thing.  My alot has happened.  I hope this year is just as eventful yet more peaceful.  This Saturday Dimples and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary.  I mentioned that we should ask his parents to watch the kids so we can go to dinner somewhere like Salt Grass and maybe catch a movie.  Too late he made plans!  He is taking me to one of my favorite dress up restaurants.  You know the kind that actually has a dress code.  The Rainbow Lodge off of Memorial.  We went there when I was prego with Lilly, maybe this time the duck won't make me want to.... you know.  Next week Lilly turns three.  Can you believe it?  I remember posting about her turning two; this is so much better.  She somewhat listens and is such a big helper around the house.  I can actually let her swiffer the floor.  She loves it too.  Now it is Caitlin's turn.  She is 20 months this month and she has already started.  She is a fast learner of how to push my buttons.  But she also gives the best hugs.  Gotta go that was not a good scream!

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